Next Stop, Inflation Station.

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In regards to MOM’s post below about our investment opportunities, I have moved the necessary funds to my Etrade account.  With what we hope to be inflation on the horizon, we’ve got our sights on gold mutual funds.  I am currently comparing two potential funds, based on price, initial investment and percentage breakdowns.  The more expensive of the two Tocqueville Gold ($40.13), has 18-20% directly invested in gold bullion and the initial investment is $1000.  Compared to the less expensive fund, US Global Investors World Prec Minerals ($13.05) has more money invested in gold mining companies abroad (more risky) and calls for an initial deposit of $5,000.  The call letters are TGLDW and UNWPX if you want to check them out.  Black Swan, a prestigious hedge fund that positioned themselves and benefited from the “financial crises” recently made a move to gold.  However, you need a cool 25mil to get in.  In addition, I read that China has now begun purchasing gold as well, maybe in an attempt to hedge their bets against their massive amounts of US debt.

The question is, when is the right time invest?

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  1. MOM
    Jun 23, 2009 @ 11:20:27

    I think the right time is soon. You let me know and I’ll toss some duckets in the hopper.