I love this ground rush shit!

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I’ve heard some grumbling from some ministers who aren’t too keen on sitting around watching spring ball over our upcoming IFS weekend.  The minister of Philanthropy said he didn’t care which ballgame he fell asleep at and the Minister of Art and Design is making noise about jumping ship due to ‘newfound’ financial trouble and a disdain for baseball.  I personally love our national past time and would love to see a little pre-season Man-Ram, however I plan on catching numerous Doyer partidos in the upcoming season and could miss a little cactus league in favor of getting EXTREME.

Skydiving 007.jpgWhat I propose is if any ministers feel inclined we could plan a little skydiving adventure after our meeting.  This is something I’ve always wanted to do and I feel a jump amongst brothers would be a fantastic addition to the weekend.  I looked into it and there’s a place in Tempe, AZ which offers a first jump for about $150 with discounts available for groups.  If there’s enough interest I’ll book some spots.  Let me know if you want to jump out of a plane with me.

A little something to excite…

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  1. mandrew
    Mar 11, 2009 @ 10:39:16

    Anyone feel like jumping out of a plane with me? Anyone? Bueller? (If you’re confused scroll down)