Putting the “I” in Cacti (or) Putting the “Us” in Cactus.


Okay, so here’s what i feel is going to be best for

As we know, my friend Dane (pictured below) has been setting up a trip for myself, Schmimmy and a
few other friends from home.


When i talked to Dane the other day, we
talked about how this trip has evolved into an IFS excursion. 

I don’t want Dane to have to endure any extra responsibility for what
has now become a much larger group.  I told him to continue planning for
the original number of people (including Schwimmy Poon-yez and myself)

So once he has the itinerary made up, i will post it on the site so everyone
can plan around this already existing itinerary.  Sound easy enough? 

Our plan was to leave the 909 on Thursday afternoon so we can catch games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  If anyone else can get out there Thursday night, that would be sweet, but I’m sure the majority will not be able to hit the road until Friday.  Since all Spring Training games are day games, those arriving in Arizona on Friday night will be catching games on Saturday and Sunday afternoons (speaking of which, games are as cheap as $8).

Once the itinerary has been made, we’ll figure out which morning (Saturday or Sunday) will be best
to have meeting, depending on our proximity to The Original Pancake house.


Okay, this part is up for debate.  As you may have heard, Scottsdale is home to an Original Pancake House.  Wardrobe and I TiVo’d a show on the food network a while back that focused entirely on pancake joints.  This is the one they were raving about.  Here’s the deal: They do not serve beer and we may not be isolated from other Pancake House patrons.  (They have a banquet room, but it cannot be reserved on the weekends.)

Though we pride ourselves on tradition, we are the International Flapjack Society and this IS The Original Pancake House.  I’d like to hear how everyone feels about making these sacrifices in order to eat at Pancake House.  (As far as conducting official IFS business, you may recall IFS: Vegas when we retired to the hotel room to finish meeting… this could be an option.)  In this Minister’s opinion, I need to know what the Dutch Baby tastes like.


So once we get Dane’s itinerary, everything will start coming together.  I will post as soon as more info arrives.

Love Letters.

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  1. letters
    Mar 03, 2009 @ 13:09:48

    work today = beesie, not slow. post coming. dane has sent me the info regarding the hotels that have been booked. i’ll post it shortly so everyone can see where we’ll be and when.

  2. letters
    Mar 02, 2009 @ 22:02:55

    i’ll make a post tomorrow while i’m at work.

  3. M+T
    Mar 02, 2009 @ 14:11:23

    Ok it is now officially a few weeks away, what now?

  4. Revelry & Spirits
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 13:22:09


  5. M+T
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 12:26:35

    I’ve heard the corned beef hash is really good at TOPH so I think we should eat there.
    I would vote that we not do meeting there and as Baggy pants suggests hold a shorter all business, with beers of course, meeting either in or at the hotel. With our new parliamentary procedure we should be able to remain organized outside of our natural habitat. We know from past planning that locating an IHOP that serves beer outside of Goleta is a fools errand so I think compromise will be required.
    Does TOPH take group reservations? Once we see the initial plans we can map out locations to determine the best way for transporting drunken monks around AZ as it may be wise to plan on some van taxis to esquire us about town.