Hunger for Tacos, Bring IT.


I live in Los Angeles California.  Amongst the hustle and bustle of urban living there are nuggets of goodness which are available to those with the intestinal fortitude for experimentation and exploration.  One of my favorite hobbies is to explore the numerous taquerias around the city in search of new flavors and new experiences.  In addition to being the home of the Doyers, Kobe, and horrible traffic, LA is also home to one of the largest Mexican-American populations in the country and as a result, the Mexican food in LA is second to none.  I love Mexican people, their warm, welcoming, family oriented attitudes and culture have always made for friendly encounters and shared laughs.  (Plus they tend to be extremely cute)

1301.jpg In the spirit of participation and competition I’m proposing a friendly Taco review contest.  In my search for delicious tacos I’ve stumbled upon the ramblings of a few fellow Taco aficionados who roam the streets of various cities and review the variations on carne asada, al pastor and carnitas.  The Great Taco Hunt is one such blog, a gentleman by the name “Bandini”, reviews LA taquerias and reviews them on a 1-5 taco rating scale.  The writing is excellent and he paints descriptive pictures with tales of freshly chopped onions, tart lime juice and charred pork.  Here is an example from one of his reviews:

obama_taco_2.jpg“Al pastor was the star of this outlaw taco cart (as it is with most). A
hunk of glazed pork on a spit twisted in front of a fire while the cook
cut slices of pork from the spit on to the grill. The pork sizzled next
to grilled onions and the magic began. Two soft corn tortillas soaked
up the pork grease as the cook scooped the sizzled charred al pastor
and caramelized onions into the taco and on to the plate.”

The Contest
The Spanish word tortilla ([t̪oɾˈt̪iʎa], [t̪oɾˈt̪iʝa], [t̪oɾˈt̪iʒa]) denotes two different classes of foods, depending on where the term is encountered. Etymologically, it is derived from the word torta, meaning a plain round cake.
It seems no other contest would be more fitting of the International Flapjack Society than a review of Mexican meat pancakes. So here’s how it’ll work.  Take a look at the examples, the Great Taco Hunt has excellent reviews of taquerias good and bad.  Go to a taqueria, order Tacos (They must be tacos, hopefully a few different types), take a photo or two, eat them and review them.  I want a review on the tacos (naturally), but also the experience, the neighborhood, the clientel, the ambiance, the service, etc.

East_LA.jpgNaturally those living in certain areas will have access to greater taco resources.  I for example live in a taco oasis, whereas our German contingent lives in a proverbial taco desert. A certain Minister of Finance (Pesos) now resides in Guadalajara, Mexico and has access to the real deal, however might not even read this post.  (I’ll have an update on that situation soon).  These geographical discrepancies will be considered and the quality of the review will be what is judged, not the authenticity of the fare.  However most Ministers and Rabbi live within striking distance of quality tacos and finiding an interesting spot shouldn’t be difficult.

The Great Taco Hunt – This is a great resource for LA tacos.  Craft your review after one of the Bandini’s eloquent descriptions. Mi favorito.

Tacos por Vida – This New York imposor  tries to compete but falls well short.  (Notice the reviews for Qboda and Taco Bell)  I really just wanted to post this to assert our Mexican food dominance of NYC.  Our East Coast counterparts might have us in Arts, Culture, Football Teams, Pizza, Jewish Delis, Finance, general snobbery, etc. etc. But Mexican food is ours.

Seattle Taco Trucks – Another taco review site, dedicated solely to the taco trucks in and around the Seattle area.

Taco Town – Something similar from Austin, TX.  The idea is not new, but its a great idea.

The Prize –
thirst3.jpgTo the Minister (or Rabbi) who posts the best review of a
Taco before the next meeting will recieve one of these T-Shirts, thats
right.  Thirsty for Blood, Hungry for Tacos.  Wow.  I saw this T-shirt
immediately ordered 2 and devised a crafty way to award the other to a
deserving minister.

Watch yourself out there Rabbi, I’m blessed with a year round tan and can move
amongst the people with ease, you may arise suspision with criticisms
of the service and constant smelling of your fingers.

Fortune favors the bold.  Mexican Meat Pancakes, Bring IT!

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  1. Letters
    Feb 16, 2009 @ 10:32:16

    My weekends from here on out are dedicated to tacos.

  2. Revelry & Spirits
    Feb 14, 2009 @ 04:01:38

    No this isn’t fucking Curtis……I have one place to go and I want that T-Shirt! Might not be the best Taco but it will be the best review…….

  3. Revelry & Spirits
    Feb 14, 2009 @ 02:17:52

    This is Rousing again…wow, meat cakes, bring it! Scratchin.
    And he isn’t nearly yolked enough nor is his beard full enough, but I see the resemblance. Nice work MOM!

  4. frickerigno
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 17:00:35

    All Taco reviews before the next meeting will be considered.

  5. schroediki
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 16:04:54

    the mission provides some delicious taco joints…what is the final entry date?

  6. M+T
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 15:39:24

    The t-shirt pic kind of looks like Rousing. I am in. Nice work MOM.