Calender Zeit


Alright you Gumbas, time for us to really start planning ahead.  As we loose our hair and begin slaving away, being organized is going to be a key element for strengthening tradition.  I am putting a calender together so we can start taking advantage of some of the super sweet things that some of us do and others of us miss out on.  So set that cool Budweiser down and reply back with any date that is important to you.  Examples = Super Bowl, World Series, Starting school day or beginning of summer, concert dates, Happy birthday you fucking faggot dates, anniversaries of lost virginity’s, anniversaries of unforgettable throbbing boners, possible vacations, days of remembrance, proposed meeting dates, Jewish days, possible charity days, Flapjack Wrestling matches, opening day at the races, anything that is important to you that fellow flappys could partake in.  Further, I will send out an email each month detailing the following month’s activities. And when things pop up as the year progresses, just make a post or send me an email and I will add it to the calender. Also, I need some recent pics, so send those along too.    The sooner you get the info back to me, the sooner I can dominate.  Thanks again brothers. 
Good Flapjack and I will see you in March,
Minister of R&S
P.S. Sweaty Gunt


P.P.S.  I feel guilty for posting over such a sweet accomplishment by Minister of Art and Design so here is a pic that is almost as strong



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  1. M+T
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 20:35:33

    I still don’t get it, but I support it. Is this for past or upcoming events?

  2. Schroediki
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 19:51:24

    I see…Thanks for the clarification…I’m gonna go get crunked now

  3. Rousing
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 17:49:50

    Judging by these last two comments, I think that the calendar is a bit misunderstood. R&S is planning to create a monthly calendar that he will send out to all Ministers and Rabbii, whom, upon receiving the calendar, would have the option to print it out or leave it in its digital form in their inbox. The aim is for all Ministers and Rabbii to possess a copy of an IFS calendar that would grow from month to month – R&S would be updating it according to emails and info on the website.
    Anyways, he has a strong calendar-creating program ready to go, and he’s offering to shoulder the workload, so let’s give it a shot and see how it wörks.
    Strong pin-Bier Herr Shröeder.

  4. M+T
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 14:05:14

    Yeah, we should use the google calendar so we can all and edit to it and access it. It’s the cloud. If anyone wants me to show them how to forward their email, because they are confused by multiple logins or urls (condescending), then I can do that as well to encourage use of our group apps.

  5. Wardrobe
    Jan 23, 2009 @ 11:44:07

    can we do a calendar through IFS email? google calendar? that might make more use out of the email as well…just a thought

  6. MOM
    Jan 22, 2009 @ 11:35:26

    Wow dad, thats a colorful camel jam.