4th Anniversary Jam… Jamiversary



November is just around the corner, which means the Anniversary is on the horizon.  A while back, I suggested the weekend of Friday November 21st as the weekend we gather here in Santa Barbara.  Just wanted to touch base with everybody to see if this was still a realistic date to set.  I didn’t get any objections when this was originally proposed, so hopefully this will still work for everyone.  

Once we confirm the date, we can start discussing plans for the weekend.  Thanks guys!

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  1. Competition
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 20:02:58

    I know an eahsey way to cure homesickness…

  2. Rousing
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 12:35:49

    Media & Tech on a softball team with Younger – Taller…the homesickness has hit an all time high.

  3. M+T
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 10:10:48

    If by conditioning you mean drinking whiskey and watching the World Series I am in. My roommates are on the alternate list as well for the games, just let me know the dates and times brosef so I can plan my sched. Thanks.

  4. Y/T
    Oct 22, 2008 @ 01:11:09

    The 21st works for me. And M+T I signed you up for the softball team. Conditioning starts this weekend so be prepared.

  5. health
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 23:30:44

    I have an exam that Monday so things are looking grim for me. I’ll see what’s planned and see if I can make it up for a little bit, but there’s no way I can make it for that whole weekend.

  6. Competition
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 16:38:45

    Yeah…cool. I’m hella planning on going. I just to make some arrangements. Either I drive to SF then fly direct to SB, or I fly direct to LAX and drive up with the the lala monks. Either way it will be hella fun…hella.

  7. frickerigno
    Oct 21, 2008 @ 16:00:19

    Yes, Yes and Yes! Thank you god. I love IFS.

  8. schroediki
    Oct 20, 2008 @ 13:35:31

    I’ll be der. I hope Dottie is der. Get der.

  9. M+T
    Oct 20, 2008 @ 13:16:48

    That is the date I put on my calendar so it works for me.