I really really want in on fantasy football….is there anything that can be done?  please please please.  

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  1. nova
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 12:04:26

    moron? baggs dont talk about my cash cow wide receiver ocho like that. he’ll be bringing in a point a week all season long baby. get some.

  2. letters
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 11:14:14

    what’s it gonna be like when he has a kid…
    Tyrone Ocho Cinco.

  3. letters
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 11:12:23

    so glad the nfl isn’t letting him wear that shit on the back of his jersey. CJ is a moron.

  4. Health
    Sep 06, 2008 @ 21:59:13

    We still haven’t all given our thoughts as to how much sweeter the player formally known as Chad Johnson is now that he has legally changed his name to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco. I hope he realizes he’s going by Chad “eight-five” because he would’ve had to go with Chad Ochenta y cinco if he was looking for eighty-five. Either way, hes hilarious

  5. nova
    Sep 06, 2008 @ 06:01:22

    persons i know…you can buy a fantasy team of McChicken sandwiches, and do whatever you want with them, because apparently you’re the Kiiinnngg of McChickens…free to eat anyone’s you please. dick.

  6. Minister of R AND S
    Sep 06, 2008 @ 00:54:14

    Persons…sorry brother, i tried to get you in but the league was already locked. I should gave you a call. Next year and for as long as IFS is around we will do fanatsy leagues.

  7. Rousing
    Sep 04, 2008 @ 11:55:05

    Damn, hah, I got that damn song stuck in my head now…but with the new lyrics. Still funny.

  8. Art Design
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 18:38:09

    thanks, dick.

  9. frickerigno
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 17:16:52

    I was going to sign up for fantasy football, but then i got high.

  10. Health
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 17:13:11

    My team is lookin OK.. not bad for Robots. Wish I could’ve been live though, Bunch had a good draft

  11. M+T
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 16:58:27

    Yeah, not to be a dick, but this is a great lesson on checking the website at least once a day.

  12. schroediki
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 16:39:58

    I’m so glad I have Jordache as my fantasy-fantasy football player…we get a good team buddy?

  13. Competition
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 15:56:35

    Is there anything that can be done….hmmm…well in imagination land you can simply imagine that we go back in time to when I sent you a text telling you to sign up for fantasy football and then you can follow that advice.

  14. M+T
    Sep 03, 2008 @ 14:16:52

    Good draft y’all…see you in the playoffs.