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In my excitement I overlooked what might prove to be one of the most exciting openers of the 2008 season.  Fresno State goes out East to play Rutgers for the first time, in a trip that takes the dogs farther away from the valley than they have ever been.  These two teams seem to match up pretty well.  Both bring back accomplished senior QB’s.  Look for the Dogs to blitz Mike Teel who is not very mobile, but can be extremely effective in the pocket.  Tom Brandstater is more mobile, but he will be facing a tight Rutgers pass defense that was second in pass yards allowed last season.  The Dogs will need to run the ball effectively, leaning on sophmore Ryan Matthews who had impressive numbers with limited playing time last season.  Rutgers has lost their stud running back and will be depending on unproven talent to move the ball on the ground.  Sorry about the slip Nova, Get ’em Dogs!

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  1. Health
    Sep 01, 2008 @ 17:04:45

    McKnight is actually a sophomore, so I’ve actually watched him play an entire season and one game. I’m just saying, he’ll be in the hunt next year. Converse, I have class at that time on Wednesday, and I don’t want a team that drafts best available for every round… I don’t know what to do

  2. Revelry & Spirits
    Sep 01, 2008 @ 16:46:54

    In between the shit talking….you guys should think about joining the fantasy league…come on what do you say? What do you say?

  3. Competition
    Sep 01, 2008 @ 15:42:11

    I’m confused…are you telling me that proclaiming your team’s running back as the 2009 Heisman winner after watching one game of the 2008 season is not over-zealous? Or am I only supposed to apply the not over-zealous comment to the prediction that USC will be 2008 champs after watching just one game of the 2008 season? My mind is bottled.

  4. Health
    Sep 01, 2008 @ 12:41:20

    Converted because I go there? Makes a lot more sense than a bra from Chico reppin Los Doyers.. Not over-zealous, just know a great team when one is assembled. Another bold prediction, Joe McKnight wins the Heisman next season.. bye bye

  5. Competition
    Sep 01, 2008 @ 12:06:08

    Another converted, over-zealous, USC fan…just what the world of sports needs.