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In an attempt to be more ‘Diplomatic’ and ‘unbiased’ I want
to retract my previous post.  I apologize
for offending anyone, however I posted for the simple reason that we need to
discuss a few very serious matters.  All
matters will be put to a vote, including the ratification of the new IFS
constitution and sacred documents.  The
original sacred documents were essentially defecated upon, both literally and figuratively. 

I know some members are not planning on attending and some
members are not coming for very weak reasons. 
For those of you in such a situation I urge you to reconsider and show
up for the IFS Meeting.  Some commitments
are not flexible, others are.  IFS is
important and loses significance when members choose not to attend.

 For those members planning on attending the meeting this
weekend, can we get an update on the plans? 
A dozen tickets were purchased for the Angels/Yankees game,
correct?  Are they all spoken for and
what is the final roll call?  Are people
congregating in the OC Friday night?  If
so, what are the lodging and accommodation setups?  Should a hotel room or two be reserved? Where will the meeting be held?

I appreciate M&T and Letter’s quick organization of this
meeting and am looking forward to taking care of business and then having lots
of fun with my Brothers. 

Faithfully Yours,


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  1. schroediki
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 11:46:22

    are we voting Minister of wine/photography out this meeting? keep me updated…wish I could be there brothers…GO ANGELS!!! I will email my news/opinions for business, as well as my MOM & CB

  2. M+T
    Aug 07, 2008 @ 09:47:13

    MOM, Letters is going to make a post with the agenda shortly, we just finalized everything last night, as we got the final head count. No hotel rooms should be needed between mine, the Rabbi’s and the Captain of the FF Mino. I am working on a webcast for the meeting so that the Germans can watch. Here is the final roll call of all members:
    In Minister of Finance
    In Minister of Athletics
    In Minister of International Affairs
    In Minister of Letters
    In Minister of Member of the Month
    In Minister of Media and Technology
    In Minister of Health / Trade
    In Rabbi of Leisure
    In Minister of Art Design
    In Minister of Maritime Affairs
    In Younger / Taller
    Maybe Minister of Philanthropy
    Out Minister of Auditory Pleasures
    Out Minister of Competition
    Out Minister of Wine / Photography
    Out Minister of Revelry and Spirits
    Out Minister of Wardrobe
    Out Minister of Interior Design
    Out Minister of Rousing
    Out Minister of Defense