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Here’s a link to a great blog about a 1994 rap album featuring tracks from then NBA greats.  According to the blog it is available on amazon.com for $4.00  I came across in the wake of this Kobe-dissing “freestyle” from the big fella.  Here’s an excerpt from the blog:

“Needless to say, this seemed like a good way to spend four dollars.

I was wrong, though. Buying this record was an outstanding way to
spend four dollars. In the Pantheon of Hilariously Bad Athlete Rap,
it’s the missing link between “The Super Bowl Shuffle” and Kobe
Bryant’s abysmal “Thug Poet.” Is there anything musically redeeming
about it? Not at all. Is it worth listening to if you’re an NBA fan?

Check it out here if you have time.

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  1. comp
    Jun 24, 2008 @ 15:16:39

    The shirts were quite visible and one of the wolfpack was standing on the edge of his seat whooping and hollering and waving a giant blue AG finger while Venom was yanking a female contestant off the wall. Pretty strong, but we’re still waiting for some real air time.