OK… I’m Calm Now

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(This picture is what came up when I typed “Prodigal Son” into a google image search)

I learned something this weekend.  I discovered that all it takes to get out of a bad mood is a spontaneous trip to Santa Monica, drinking games, karaoke, and some late night photography of Competition playing every sport conceivable… that last one will make more sense after an upcoming post (hopefully). 

Now I’m thinking clearly and would still be honored to maintain the responsibility of setting up our next big excursion. 

So, R&S has purchased a ticket to go to NYC for Memorial Day weekend with the hopes that the rest of us will follow suit.  After speaking with several other Ministers, it has become apparent that many of us would not have enough time to save enough money to make the trip happen at that particular time.  Also, M+T will be in NYC visiting his brother two weeks prior to Memorial Day weekend, and it’s unreasonable to expect him to make two trips to NYC in a matter of weeks.  So, I hate to break it to our European contingent, but Memorial Day weekend is an impossibility.

Which brings us back to square one.  Here we are, set to go somewhere on Labor Day weekend…  Big Apple or Windy City.  After speaking to R&S and Rousing, they explained to me that traveling to Chicago would be impossible for them.  I encourage them to comment on their reasons why this is the case, as I would probably not be able to accurately represent them here.

So, let’s re-open the discussion so we can figure out our destination, and then I’ll start crunching the numbers to see how much we will probably be spending on everything: hotel, entertainment, food, etc…

…the ball is rolling.

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  1. M+T
    Mar 03, 2008 @ 12:22:08

    The more I’ve thought about it, the more I think Chicago would be the place to go, but having never been to either city I really don’t know. I think NYC will be more expensive all the way around.
    Here’s what I found for round trip price ranges for 8/29 – 9/1 on kayak.com.
    LAX or LGB to ORD (O’Hare) – $380 – 450
    LAX to JFK – $380 – 470
    FRA to JFK – $730 – 900
    FRA to ORD – $730 – 900
    It looked like it didn’t really matter which city, as the prices were the same. I saw a JetBlue flight from Long Beach to Chicago fro 380 which is what I would do if I was going to book my ticket today, as JetBlue is sweet. Not sure if the prices are due to Labor Day weekend, cause my ticket for May 1st to May 5th for NYC was $300, but I don’t see anything that low now and this is further ahead then when I booked my ticket.