Minutes for 2/3/08


Attendees: M+T, ID, Leisure, Letters, AP, MOM, Comp, A+D, Merritime

Guest Members: Saman & Martin

Presentation of Birthday Bowling Pin to M+T, signed by all attendees.


M+T:  "Letters should post the minutes."  (done and done.)
ID:  "Keep up the intensity"
Leisure:  "There’s Jager in our future." 
Auditory:  "Promote the Arnold video whenever possible."
MOM:  "Things are going well."
Comp:  "We should discuss the changing of certain members’ titles."
A+D:  "Mascot will consist of pancakes, beer, smoking, syrup, butter, shotgun."
Maritime:  "We will go on a cruise to Encenada, possibly for a springtime meeting."  (keep us posted)
International:  (while wearing a tiny sweater which read ‘born to fly’)  "We should jam out to the channel islands jam.  We’re going to be rich when we sell the bikini jams."
Letters:  "We’re going to New York labor day weekend, which is late august/beginning of september."  (moments later, many suggested possibly traveling to Chicago instead.  This should be voted on via online poll:  "Big Apple" or "Windy City."  Keep in mind that the Angels will be visiting the Yankees and the Phillies will be visiting the Cubs.  My guess is Yankee tickets may be very difficult to acquire, and if acquired, very expensive.  But, I leave it in democracy’s hands.  M+T would you please post a poll when convenient.) 

Member of the Month Voting:

A three way tie between M+T, AP and A+D was brought to a second vote, resolved by a show of hands, with A+D the victor. (The kicker:  2 million + in Geometry Wars)  Congratulations A+D!

Continental Breakfast Award Voting:

Athletics wins in a landslide.  Enjoy, as we revisit some of our favorite reasons why…

– "’Cause he’s bad at having balls."
– "He is a big gay."
– "Ice cold Towers w/ the flowers… Trying to sneak in the Towers and look innocent."
– "It’s amazing how someone can go from being so strong to so… fucking…. gay."
– "Get your priorities straight."

…and then we all got drunk and watched Eli kick ass. 

Thanks for cleaning up the house… ya big jerks.

A super weekend.  I love IFS.

Love Letters

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nova
    Feb 05, 2008 @ 14:13:04

    i happened to turn it while playing foosball in the street. i broke up the pass though.

  2. M+T
    Feb 05, 2008 @ 11:06:05

    Nicely done sir. What happened to your ankle Nova?

  3. nova
    Feb 04, 2008 @ 21:56:38

    fleming, could you please mail me my keys, the address is 2791 w. caruthers ave. thats in caruthers, ca 93609. yes i live on caruthers street in caruthers. and can somebody from the mesa house mail me my cell phone charger, i would do it for you. its in the kitchen. i will be waiting by the mail box, you cant travel far on one ankle. it was a successful weekend.

  4. frickerigno
    Feb 04, 2008 @ 20:45:31

    Nice minutes, thanks for posting that. Oh and I did clean up, a little. Thanks for letting the monkeys run watch football at your casa.

  5. rousing
    Feb 04, 2008 @ 20:19:37

    WOW. Strong Minutes. Good job IFS.