Time is short.  Zero hour is upon us.  The day of days is just around the corner and there are still many details to be worked out.  Having said that, we do have a tentative plan set in motion, the details of which I have taken the liberty of sharing with you all. 

Because Sunday is going to be a busy day I will be driving up to SB during the day on Saturday in order to help set up.  Any and all are welcome to join, but make sure you are there by Saturday night when we will be going out to dinner in order to celebrate our member of the year’s birthday. 

Plans for that night include a nice dinner and possibly some rock throwing at Zodo’s so we can all see if letters can put his money where his 200 score mouth is (love you).

An official meeting will take place on Sunday.  We are aiming for a late morning/early afternoon meeting with two objectives in mind:  1)  As we all learned last year, going too hard too soon on superbowl Sunday can leave you passed out in a couch with guac smears on your face.  2)  Wardrobe unfortunately has to work on the most glorious day of the year so he is going to be taking his lunch break time to come meet with us and hear the parting words from our Minister of Rousing.

As for the game itself, our loveable Minister of ID is working on hiring a nice self-respecting gal to  bring us refreshments at our whim….jem.  If you plan on taking advantage of this fact, as I do, then keep in mind that there ain’t nothin’ free in this world…an extra 15-20 bucks should be plenty.   


And that’s the jam.  Please coordinate rides and plan to have a hell of good time.  I leave you with one simple question:  Which one of the following looks like America’s next superbowl champion?  It’s a tough one…I know.

Eli          Brady_2

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  1. letters
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 11:38:58

    you had to throw that ‘respectively’ in there… otherwise you might have been ok. you blew it frick.

  2. frickerigno
    Jan 27, 2008 @ 19:39:30

    shit, i wrote that backwards. Would’ve been such a witty comment. Idiot.

  3. frickerigno
    Jan 27, 2008 @ 19:36:29

    Looking at Tom Brady and Eli Manning is like watching the Super Bowl in Low-definition and High-Definition respectively. Eli hurts my eyes.