Fidel will be here, don’t be Financened (you know, up shit creek w/no paddle)


Hotel reservations were made today, two jacuzzi suites at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Northern Fresno.  The battle for the West Sierra League Championship is staged for 7:00 friday night (you can see the lights from the freeway) at Anderson Field in Caruthers, California. Breakfast will be served by Mrs. Casanova herself, saturday morning, afterwards we can either shoot shotguns if available, or take Anderson field and have our own IFS league championship. The options are still open. Check in can take place as early as 300 Saturday.  Dinner later that night at any fine bbq establishment, and then the aforementioned bar scene, full of black snake moan costumes.  Here is the tentative guest list, just make it happen.
Starters: Fleming, Fricker, Curtis, Bunch, Fidel, Towers, Bernie, Baumann, Amanda, Morgan, Julia, EmilyFatcahx_hampton_inn_and_suites_fres

Probable: Jordan, Ben,
Doubtful: Esteban, Diego, Schroeder
Highly Unlikely: Converse, Strauss
Good Luck: Schwayne, Finance

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  1. athletics
    Nov 02, 2007 @ 10:18:30

    I think we should camp fire Jimmy, what do you think Bernie? You know, see where his heart is.
    Shooting shotguns, the Fresno State game, bowling, smear the queer on Anderson Field, so many titilating options.

  2. MOM
    Nov 01, 2007 @ 18:20:00

    Finance!!!! Nice burn on Jimmy health, now do Blaine! You are making up for your absence already.

  3. health
    Nov 01, 2007 @ 17:03:33

    Rumor has it, Jimmy is founder of a new organization called the International Toaster Strudel Society, which he founded in West Hollywood. “We do it every month…. in the butt”

  4. M+T
    Nov 01, 2007 @ 17:01:15

    Cootie pie, the Brazilian bomber, and the mustachio man won’t be there…the make-out queen has a chance!

  5. baggs
    Nov 01, 2007 @ 16:27:56

    I have recently become a force to be reckoned with in the bowling community. My last venture was highlighted with back to back 200+ games (222 and 216, respectively). We should go bowling in Fresno.
    “I will break you.” – Drago
    (Nova, you forgot to mention that Jimmy is on the waiver wire and is available to be signed by any other organization.)

  6. rousing
    Nov 01, 2007 @ 15:44:16

    C’mon Finance!

  7. health
    Nov 01, 2007 @ 15:37:05

    I’m gonna have to be demoted from probable, to a no go. I know, I’m a bum.. but I’ll make it up to you some how. I’m wearin my Caruthers gear to school tomorrow for support