The Quest to Find the Best Pancakes / Flapjacks in the World

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I found this interesting article, that claims that Idaho may be the ideal place in the US, nay the world, for flapjacks.  What do you think IFS: Idaho?

It’s a place where five dollars will buy a big stack of cakes, drinkable coffee, and meat—and vegetarians
are to be warned that, to judge by the sometimes porky taste of the
cakes, batter and pig live side by side on the grills of most such
places. This, carnivores will tell you, is not at all a bad thing. My favorite such eatery boasts a marquee that warns, “Elegant dining elsewhere.”
[Britannica Blog]

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  1. mandrew frickerigno
    May 21, 2007 @ 13:30:38

    Thats actually true, the 45th parrallel is the Tropic of Flapjacks. I learned that in Geography school, it’s science.