What Will Happen on Jeopardy Tonight?



In an attempt to get more viewers than Bernie and Hank, Jeopardy’s website is hyping tonight’s episode as a first ever in the history of the show.  While this first is probably a three-way tie, the underwhelming possibilites are endless.  I like the show, but its declining ratings aren’t a good sign.  Look for them to mix things up, more money per row,  over the next few years, they’re contract with most stations will be up for renewal in 2010 – 2011, when we are all almost 30…

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  1. rousing
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 20:26:35

    Nice E. Handi – jam.

  2. E
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 10:43:29

    Baggs, good guess it was a three way tie. I dont know why the leader didn’t bet higher? I didn’t answer a single question because I couldn’t get passed that guys freakish hands! Oh yeah and Hank always beats me, thats one smart Beagle!

  3. trade
    Mar 19, 2007 @ 05:36:57

    So, I was flying all last night. What happened on Jeopardy?

  4. baggs
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 16:54:29

    The ongoing Jeopardy tally:
    Bernie: 347
    Hank: 1 (he got lucky)

  5. MOM
    Mar 16, 2007 @ 16:39:30

    On account of my “rabbit ears” Jeopardy is one of the few shows I actually watch. Maybe tonight I’ll switch over to it from basketball on commercial breaks.