Laser Map


As many ministers may be aware I make "Laser Maps" with the help of my skilled associate Scott Baumann.  Since I figured many of you might not understand exactly what that means I thought I’d post a picture of a particularly interesting Laser Map.  This picture is the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging, a.k.a. Laser) signature of an airport in false color.  Notice the planes heading for the runway.  Two points for the minister who recognizes which airport is in the picture.

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  1. athletics
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 16:46:50

    no need to apologize my good minister, a little Billy Madison popped into my head and I found it appropriate. I think that we could have a laser map quiz of the week to replace those WMD’s that Fidel is not posting. You get laser maps of interesting landmarks, give us a couple of clues, and off we are on the hunt. And I know that you are more dedicated to posting than say, a Finance or Fidel. Just like playing Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, but with laser mapped landmarks.
    And no, I know I’m not the only one that Baumann owes money to, just the only one that fronted $450 to pay for the Yingling’s thank you gifts, which Baumann is the only one not to pay for yet. Baumann is just about as good as defending his reputation as an honorable friend as he is at writing those defense reports. No Jam!

  2. mandrew
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 15:55:39

    Well sorry for posting towers, ya dick. Some of our fellow ministers haven’t ventured outside southern california. And do ya think you’re the only one baumann owes money? He pays friends back like he posts defense reports. whem!

  3. athletics
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 15:49:00

    you can recognize the airport by its signature circular terminal, which any traveler to SFO should remember. Got any more brain busters? Tell your co-worker to send me my money.

  4. mandrew
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 12:34:26

    Damn, you’re right. I thought I was being careful too. Well Mark gets two points anyway.

  5. M+T
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 11:53:19

    Oh, and just to let everyone know, we are pretty close to 500 posts. I will purchase a bottle (or two) of the finest ales for whomever posts #500, I am taking myself out of the running, as I guess I am the only person that knows how many posts there are.

  6. M+T
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 11:50:15

    Yeah Frick it says San Francisco at the top. But Schroeder would cheat and not tell you that. He probably will deny that he even saw that once I post this comment.
    What a cheater…

  7. schroeiki
    Mar 08, 2007 @ 11:45:02