Fricker is going back to school!


Spun330aAs many of you may have heard, I have been accepted to the PhD program at UCLA in Geography.  I recieved official confirmation this morning, and I didn’t want to make any announcments before I had a letter in hand.
So… I’m going back to school next fall.  The last remaining hurdle is a financial one, so we’ll see how high I can jump and if I get any help from the great state of California.  Cross your fingers.  But don’t worry, I’ll still be availble for any questions regarding lasers and or laser maps from now into the future, hopefully moreso. 

I can also legitimately rep UCLA basketball for their game versus Flordia on Saturday. Go Bruins!!  I’d like to thank all of my brothers for their support. I love you all.  -FrickerAcceptance_letter

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  1. younger/taller
    Apr 02, 2007 @ 17:25:20

    Congrats Doc – that’s pretty exciting. FUN FACT: Millard Fillmore was also the last president to represent the WHIG party. You won’t find that on any coke commercial, that’s legitimate third-year, undergrad UCSB knowledge talking.

  2. E
    Mar 28, 2007 @ 23:21:49

    No comment.

  3. athletics
    Mar 28, 2007 @ 09:07:52

    Please tell me that you mispelled proof on purpose E? If not, you are 0 for 4 because I too was referencing the coke commercial “…the 13th president of the United States was Millard Fillmore.” Maybe you should watch it again. Love you steal trap.

  4. schroediki
    Mar 27, 2007 @ 23:47:51

    congratulations indeed…on the road to ULTIMATE POWERRRR

  5. nova
    Mar 27, 2007 @ 21:34:13

    go bruins, it may be the only way a fish fucker doesnt win the tourney challenge.

  6. E
    Mar 27, 2007 @ 16:17:44

    Wow! 0 for 2 I retire… I’ve been writing papers all morning too, I wonder how many mistakes are in those? Will someone prof read for me? I wasn’t referencing the 13th president though, I was going for the much easier coke commercial. “…the capital of Dijibuti is Dijibouti” has no one seen this?

  7. athletics
    Mar 27, 2007 @ 16:03:59

    Wow, our 13th president WAS Millard Fillmore. Steel trap. And it’s spelled stEEl, not steal E. With two of those funny letters your name starts with. ESTEALBAN.

  8. MOM
    Mar 27, 2007 @ 14:35:40

    steel trap.

  9. E
    Mar 27, 2007 @ 12:46:08

    Your right I looked it up right after I posted that. You have a mind like a steal trap!

  10. MOM
    Mar 27, 2007 @ 12:25:13

    Well it’s actually Djibouti, and the capital of Djibouti is Djibouti. Ba-Boom! I don’t even know why I need to go back to school, they should just give me the degree.

  11. athletics
    Mar 27, 2007 @ 12:21:01

    Congrats Dr. Frick. We’re so proud of you. You’re all growns up.
    This is a year of many firsts. Don’ be second.

  12. E
    Mar 27, 2007 @ 12:08:46

    Yeah! Congrats bro. PhD in Geography your going to know how to get anywhere. Hey whats the capital of Jabuti?