Bringin’ da heat.. Part Deux


After returning home from the Orange County Airport last Sunday a weird feeling came upon me.  The uneasy feeling of not knowing the next time the heat would be broughten.  As I stirred all night Sunday, dreading the work week ahead, I decided to fire up the piece of shit Dell laptop I call my own.  I wasn’t sure my dreary eyes were offering the truth.  Was this sampling of institutional jargon my next opportunity to bring the heat?  I quickly skimmed over the letter I had received to find, to my pleasant surprise, my next trip to California would be this Thursday.  On Friday I’ll attempt to prove my worth to some people at UOP’s School of Pharmacy and Friday night I’ll be throwing down in SF with the man, the legend, the Minister of Auditory Pleasures.  Saturday morning my journey continues back to the old stomping grounds, whereby Saturday night the OKR’s ambience will be ruined by the clanking of Jager shots plummeting to the bottom of glasses filled with red bull substitute.  I’ll be in SB till Tuesday, where a wonderful friend of mine has offered to drive me the whole way down to Huntington Beach to stay with Linds and her family.  I’ll be in HB till Friday afternoon and I will head off to kiss some more ass at yet another pharmacy school.  I’m spending the night in LA on Friday and will be interviewing at USC on Saturday.  Saturday afternoon I will precede to bring as much heat as possible until the drop of the puck between the Kings and the Blue Jackets at Staples.  Sunday morning I head to the airport and by nightfall, something tells me that weird feeling will return.  To those I saw last week, let’s do it up again.  To those that weren’t able to make it up, let’s bring the heat..  I’ll be there for 10 days, so let me know where you’ll be.  I hope to see as many of you as possible.  Thank you and good flapjack!Heat

-Minister of Trading Trade for Health

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  1. rousing
    Mar 05, 2007 @ 10:15:29

    Da heat. Bring da heat.

  2. mandrew
    Mar 05, 2007 @ 09:31:25

    if you need a place to stay in LA, our doors are always open, plus my girl commutes to USC almost everday.

  3. baggs
    Mar 04, 2007 @ 23:51:57

    “I’m mister heat meiser…..”