Defense Report




Defense Report

Quarter 1, 2007

This report is a current update detailing the individual
efforts and contributions of each minister. This is the Defense Report as seen by MOM and Rousing. If you feel something has been left out, feel
free to comment. The list is ordered
based on posts and comments, but notable contributions were made independent of
the website and hopefully each action was given due credit.

and Technology-

continues to maintain the website, while making
entertaining and relevant posts. He has also updated the website and the IFS
Gmail account to be as monkey friendly as possible. He has also provided us with dozens of striking,
haunting photographs.
Posts:  14
Comments: 24

won the “Fill in the Caption” contest. He also helped host strong New Year’s and
Super Bowl parties. He has also
maintained courage in the face of adversity as the only homosexual member of
Posts:  4
Comments: 15

won member of the month at the last meeting,
where he revealed plans for Chico,
The River Wild. He also introduced the
“Fill in the Caption” contest. Recently he helped host the Laser Party and has
picked up the slack on the Defense Report.
Posts:  3
Comments: 16

has made strong electronic contributions to
the website despite being physically removed. He will also be making time to visit his friends during his brief West
Coast visit this coming weekend.
Posts:  3
Comments: 7

has continues to inspire all members of IFS through athletic feats such as
training for a marathon and being thrown in a shower and having it turned
on. He also helped host strong New
Year’s and Super Bowl parties, proving himself as a leader at the Mesa House.
Posts:  2
Comments: 16

Rousing –
has brightened the future of IFS by introducing
his younger, more talented, taller brother to the organization. He also finished the Arnold Megamix. Recently
he helped host the Laser Party and has picked up the slack on the Defense
Posts:  1
Comments: 15

made particularly strong appearances at both
New Years and the Laser Party, bringing Laser related gear to the latter. He also helped host strong New Year’s and
Super Bowl parties.
Posts:  1
Comments: 8

Revelry and

While abroad in Germany, he has maintained an active digital presence. He continues to extend the gracious
invitation of German lodgings for any IFS monkey.
Posts:  1
Comments: 2

is the newest member of IFS and he has set a high
standard of enthusiasm for all members of the organization. He made an exceptionally strong showing on
Super Bowl Sunday, Go Bears/Colts/Guacamole. Recently he helped host the Laser Party and is actively planning for Chico,
The River Wild.
Posts:  1
Comments: 1


he has not let his budding marriage hinder his commitment
to IFS. He has also appeared on national
television. (Fame Jam)
Posts:  1
Comments: 1

he has had a really full plate, forgetting the
Continental Breakfast award, leaving the Laser Party early, and doing
nothing in terms of a Defense Report. He
has however shown a great commitment by driving through the night and across
the state to reach the last meeting. He
has also traveled around the country shooting lasers.
Posts:  0
Comments: 6

he has been attending CSU San Marcos studying
Political Science and working. He has
managed to make time for Super Bowl and Leisure’s farewell party. He has continued to threaten MOA with his athletic prowess on
the basketball court and dance floor.
Posts:  0
Comments: 4

has contributed a permanent IFS fixture in the
Turnpike IHOP birthplace. He has also
been ordained a true Minister. He also organized
the “help” for the Super Bowl Party, once again. he also graced the Franklin St.
House with a great housewarming monkey statue. He has hosted New Year’s, Super Bowl and has made strong showings at all
events he’s been involved in.
Posts:  0
Comments: 2

has been busy attending Hastings Law school,
while finding the time to finish the Arnold Megamix. He also drove solo from SF to Santa Barbara for the last meeting.
Posts:  0
Comments: 0

has been learning Spanish in Panama,
other than that contact has been limited. Any information on his whereabouts and wellbeing would be
appreciated. My best guess would be Josh
is eating well, loving well and drinking better. He also hosted a playoff football party in Irvine,
where he prepared jambalaya, gumbo, hurricane cocktails, and 10 pounds of
Posts:  0
Comments: 0

has been busy pouring wine on Sterns Wharf. He has been so busy in fact, he still haven’t
posted a single picture. He has however
hosted numerous parties and made a strong showing for the “Drinking Horse”
Posts:  0
Comments: 0


Jimmy has been
busy fingering fish in Orange County. He made it to the last meeting.
Posts:  0
Comments: 0

Younger + Taller (guest)-
has hosted a Del Playa party for the members of
IFS. He also shared a detailed and intimate
story with the group, bringing him closer to anyone who was there. He has made strong showings for Super Bowl
meeting and the Laser Party.
Posts: 0
Comments: 1

Hitman (guest)-
hase attended New Years and Strauss’ farewell party. He also posted one comment, which held true.
Posts: 0
Comments 1

Finance has turned his back on IFS.
Posts:  0
Comments: 0


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. E's 5th comment
    Feb 21, 2007 @ 12:49:04

    Only 4 coomments? Well I’m sure they were jems! Well done on the Defense Report!

  2. athletics
    Feb 20, 2007 @ 13:49:47

    Nice defense report. Just goes to show that if you want something done right, don’t ask Baumann to do it. And those of you with big fat 0’s below the description of your contributions should be ashamed. And no Jimmy, those 0’s aren’t for fingering so just forget about it and make some comments.

  3. M+T
    Feb 20, 2007 @ 10:54:06

    Ewww…fingering fish is gross Jimmy. You’ve got to quit that before it takes over your life.
    Well done on the post, informative and useful. Everyone really does contribute in there own way. For some, like Finance, contribution comes in the form of old funny face pictures that we can all laugh at in order to replace the empty hole that is MIA Finance.
    I vote that we make a life size cut-out of Finance for next meeting. It will have a hole in the mouth for tacos and Adolphus, and will emit a pachuli odor. Maybe even attach a pre-recorded tape with a bunch of Univision programs for us all to laugh at and say “Oh Finance…”.