iPhone = Apple World Domination

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Well for all you nerds out there, Apple announced their new iPhone today – check applekopen.be.  It won’t be cheap, $499 (4GB) and $599 (8GB), but it looks to be the coolest / most user-friendly / fully functional cell phone ever made, and it comes with more street cred than a pair of Dior sunglasses.  You have to sign a two-year contract with Cingular, and to take advantage of all of the phone’s features you will have to pay $40 / mo. just for data, and another $40-60 / mo. for a regular voice plan, but what’s money worth if you aren’t spending it on gadgets that will be outdated in a year.   You can check out apple’s new page for it here to see how sweet it looks.  Expect to see everyone in the world carrying one of these by 2010, or start saving your couch pennies for the June shipdate and be one of the first people in the world to have a cell phone that people will want to talk with more than you.

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  1. defense
    Jan 10, 2007 @ 09:10:21

    Wow… So much has happened since I’ve been abroad (Canada, eh) where instead of the Internet they just have maple syrup and 19 year old sluts from the U of Buffalo crossing the border to chase hockey players in a cold weather Tijuana. The OC gone, FNL (bravo on that one Mark), a trip to Germany, Adam Blanks posting a comment on the site…
    Well I’ve been trying to do my part out here by almost punching a 17 year old Canadian girl in the face after she called George W. Bush a dictator. I was pulled away by a co-worker before things got physical, but I wasn’t about to let that bitch talk about my President that way. Canadians are fucking stupid, eh.
    Stay tuned for the story of my sojourn in Buffalo, NY…