Fly Eagles Fly…


For those of you who are truly manly men that enjoy manly things, you also know that divisional playoff weekend is the manliest football weekend of the year.  Of course, only one of the remaining 8 teams moves on to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy the first weekend of February.  However, the divisional playoffs this year present 4 intriguing games that are worthy of wasting away the day full of nothing but Adolphi and football on your new DLP 1080i HDTV, which according to that cute little girl in the pink dress, "It’s amazing, it’s the meers."   Typically, wild card weekend turns out to be a bust with numerous blowouts, although the N.F.C. games didn’t play out that way this season.  Traditionally, these divisional match-ups separate the men from girly men and the contenders from pretenders. 

Let’s start with what analysts are referring to as the stronger of the two conferences this year, the A.F.C.  Saturday pits "Maybe like Peyton Manning’s team maybe," the Indianapolis Colts against the "I named my N.F.L. organization after a poem written by a former resident of Baltimore," Baltimore Ravens.  For those of you that have been following the season so far, this match-up comes down to whether or not the Baltimore Ravens can stop that 6’3" 230 lbs. quarterback with a LAZER, rocket arm with their secondary play and whether the Colts can contain the run defensively like they did last weekend.  I feel the Colts defense won’t be able to hold up again this weekend and the Ravens will go up early causing Indy to press.  Manning chokes per usual and the Ravens win at home to move on to the A.F.C. Championship game.  I also feel the Ravens cover the spread (-4).

On Sunday, "Mr. Playoff" Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are set to battle NFLMVPLT and the San Diego Super Chargers.  Shawne Merriman decided to give up steroids to play the rest of the football season and is one of the keys of this game.  Will Merriman and the front 7 of the San Diego Bolts be able to disrupt Tom Brady in the pocket?  On the flip-side, the key for New England will be to limit LT’s production.  I believe that if New England can limit LT’s production to 100 yards or less and limit him to 1 touchdown or less, they have a great chance in this game.  I’m sure some of you are Chargers fans and might be a little upset with my prediction.  Vegas has this spread at -5 in favor of the Bolts.  I feel that New England CAN limit LT’s production.  If this is so, then I agree with Dan Patrick and say that if this turns into Belichick vs. Shottenheimer and Brady vs. Rivers which is what it comes down to if you can limit the San Diego running attack, this match-up is ripe for an upset.  I’m taking New England.. If you’re betting, take the points for sure.

Turning to what the media is calling a weak N.F.C., the first match-up is set for Saturday night with the Fox Robot in full effect.  Jeff_garcia_1 I’ll let the comments to you guys on this one as I hate to talk about the team I’m root for and giving you a prediction is pretty much pointless.  I just have one gentleman that needs to grace the our beloved I.F.S. website, and man is he solid..  Just as a side note, if he and Lindsay Lohan were to procreate, that’d be cruel if they named her, Dottie.

Last, but not least, the N.F.C. match-up on Sunday night showcases last year’s M.V.P. Shaun Alexander against that behemoth, Brian Urlacher.  The Bears defense looked suspect the last few weeks of the season and their offense has been anything but consistent all year long.  The Seattle Seahawks, on the other hand, are dismantled on the defensive side of the ball and with Hasselback only a few games off of injury, his play is slowly starting to improve.  Vegas has the Bears by -8.5 which I think is way too many points for a divisional playoff football game especially considering you never know which Rex Grossman will show up for the Bears.  I’m taking the Bears to win this game, but I believe it will be far closer than what the spreadmakers think.  I’d take the Seahawks with the points, especially after the way they played last weekend in the second half against the Cowgirls.  Thanks Mr. Romo, you made my weekend.

I hope you all get shnockered this weekend watching football and if you take my literal word on these predictions and you lose some money, don’t bet enough to get pissed about.  Wish I could be out there this weekend for the best football weekend of the year.    Comment on what you think will transpire this weekend.  Miss you brothers…  Go Eagles..   Oh yeah, and my Super Bowl prediction..  Pats vs. Eagles in a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX.

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  1. M+T
    Jan 12, 2007 @ 10:45:26

    Here’s Simmons take on this weekend:
    I wish I could be at the Superdome tomorrow night.

  2. trade
    Jan 11, 2007 @ 17:25:07

    If you had Brees, I’d agree with that… But, not with a rook

  3. mandrew
    Jan 11, 2007 @ 14:27:23

    It’s the year of the BOLT.

  4. trade
    Jan 11, 2007 @ 13:53:21

    I’m down.. I like our chances this weekend even though it’s gonna be a little sketch in that secondary with Lito Sheppard out. But yeah, I’m in on that. Watch out for the former CFL Grey Cup MVP, he’s nasty… and he’s freckled

  5. M+T
    Jan 11, 2007 @ 10:09:52

    Oh man, this should be the best sporting weekend of the year, sooo many good games. If the Eagles v. Saints game is anything like the one earlier in the season it will be close.
    Wanna bet a shortstack on the game Trade?