Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose


As one television viewing chapter of our lives comes to a close, it’s time we look toward the future of teen-angst drama ridden primetime shows. This fall most of you likely have been missing out, okay, avoiding NBC’s lineup. However, amongst all the game shows lies hidden a diamond in the rough. Friday Night Lights, aka FNL, is by far the most entertaining new program hitting the tube. The adaptation is fresh, the writing is witty, the camera style is gritty and well, there is a ridiculous cheerleader on the show, just ask Towers…Gentleman, I ask you to give FNL a chance, (seriously ther are signs of cancellation due to the constant change of airtime) it may never fill that void left by that county I never mention, but it just may inspire you to pick up the pigskin and a nice cold Adolphus. I recommend posting up at your local Applebee’s establishment bar (bigtime sponsor) with a bacon-cheeseburger and bask in the acting skills that are Kyle Chandler, one hell of a father, coach and American.   




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  1. rousing
    Jan 08, 2007 @ 18:38:45

    Kyle Chandler…what a bad ass. I used to enjoy watching him back on that show where the newspaper would come a day early and instead of using it to pick the winning lotto numbers he would use it to stop bad things from happening. What a great guy. I wish that show was still on.

  2. M+T
    Jan 06, 2007 @ 03:06:53

    I will check it out dog. Who’s the man now.