New Years Resolutions for I.F.S.

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What is New Years without some resolutions?  But self-improvement resolutions are a sham, as most people break their resolutions due to a lack of will-power.  I know this self-effacing feeling all too well, so this year I will be making resolutions I can keep.  Here are the ones I am mulling over before the holiday deadline:

  1. Drink more beer –  All too often I fall-in to calls for Jager shots / bombs and mixed drinks.  While I’ll continue to drink these concoctions, beer will be my first choice at all times, which brings me two number two…
  2. Drink better beer – I’ve already begun this one, but I still order too many low brow beers than is necessary at bars, Adolphus or better, except no substitutes.  If someone orders me a lesser beer I will promptly hand it off to the next sap sitting next to me.
  3. Eat more flapjacks – This goes without saying, every member should consume at least a short stack a week.
  4. Make my own flapjacks – This will save me money on #3, and make me a shoe-in for 1st place in the "Annual I.F.S. Flapjack Cook-Off", watch out Rabbi, Panamanian crepes don’t count.
  5. Spend more time at my local IHOP – Nothing shows greater character than knowing the help at your local eateries, well there are probably other things, but I want to know the local San Clemente IHOP staff on a first name basis.  This is going to take some work.  Maybe just hang out on a Saturday, and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there.  Tip well.


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  1. baggsbaggsbaggs
    Dec 29, 2006 @ 18:54:39

    great flipping of flapjack graphic!