Finger Lickin Good



It’s 2:00pm on a lazy Tuesday afternoon and I just returned from a little
lunch break.  I don’t claim to be a food critic or a culinary expert, but
I can spot quality when it slaps me in the face, which incidentally it just
did.  A co-worker clued me into a BBQ joint in Inglewood, which is for real.  It’s
called Woody’s BBQ, (not to be confused with the SB Woody’s) and there are 3 Los Angeles

I’ve only been to the Inglewood location, but somehow I feel as though it might be the most authentic.  An
over-zealous crack whore who accosted me in line to beg for money and offer her
hand in marriage, clued me into the fact that this is an establishment which serves the
"everyman".  The way she was routinely shooed away and quickly
returned made me think she likes Woody’s too, play your cards right and you
might find the love of your life along with a tasty meal.

The menu consists of normal BBQ/Soul Food i.e. Ribs, Rib tips, chicken,
chicken link, slaw, beans, collard greens, etc. The Bar-B-Q sauce is amazing,
available in mild, hot, mixed or bottled for sale.  I have some fresh
sauce stains on my pants which I’m saving for later.

I guess the point is, It’s really tasty BBQ.  You should totally try it.  Nova. It’s real close to
West Coast Customs, so next time you make a modification to the G ride, stop
in.  It’s the restaurant with the Giant Bulldog on the side of the

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. M+T
    Dec 05, 2006 @ 15:48:13

    You guys should do it up right, and get it together as crack whores. Mmm bbq-ed crack…

  2. Rousing
    Dec 05, 2006 @ 14:28:43

    Nice post Frick. When we’re roomates in a few weeks maybe we can get Woody’s BBQ together, as men.