Thank God We Got One…


On a lighter note:
Sb_high Dons end the season with a win

VENTURA — Santa Barbara avoided a winless season by defeating Buena 20-7 in a Channel League football game Thursday night at Buena. "We billed it as the beginning of our 2007 season and we also wanted to send off the season with a victory," said Gonzales, who was showered in Gatorade by his players following the victory. "When you’re winning a lot, you forget how precious victories are." The Dons (1-9, 1-4 league). -Santa Barbara News Press

Now these parents can shut up, the gang wars can stop, and the Israelis and Palestinians can come to a cease fire for now:

As Santa Barbara and San Marcos high school football players hurled their bodies at one another at last Friday’s homecoming game held at Peabody Stadium, rival gang members marked the occasion by engaging in multiple brawls near, on, or around the Santa Barbara High School campus. One incident left the victim with head injuries requiring hospitalization. “It’s constant retaliation,” explained Santa Barbara Police Lt. Paul McCaffrey. “It’s getting to be like the Israelis and the Palestinians.” Santa Barbara High School principal Paul Turnbull stressed that the violence was gang-related and not directly connected to the game. But last Friday’s game was the first in which Turnbull had ordered the stands videotaped to ensure parents and football boosters did not get out of hand. Two parents have been banned from campus for threatening Santa Barbara High football coach Will Gonzales. Some parents have complained that Gonzales – struggling with a winless season – has been rude and abusive to the players. -Santa Barbara Independent

-Once a Don, Always a Don

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  1. athletics
    Nov 10, 2006 @ 10:57:32

    Area games were played last night due to Veteran’s Day today I think.

  2. athletics
    Nov 10, 2006 @ 10:55:34

    Offsides you sweet, sweet savior. Although the kicker Ito was directly facing the guy who jumped off, so hopefully that threw him off instead of just pulling the kick. At least he’ll tell the press that. Pull sweet game nonetheless.

  3. M+T
    Nov 10, 2006 @ 10:50:37

    Yikes…I’ll stick to college and pro ball that sounds too real for me…Did anyone see the Louisville loss last night? Priceless.