Political Suicide…


This became too long to post in the comments so here it is:

For one, I like the recent ‘grown up’ discussions that we have been having on this site. We have all become wise beyond our years. Two, I agree with Curtis. I equate the anti-US/antiwar citizens of this country with a rebellious teenage child (middle class family for example sake). When that child was young, everything was provided for him by his parents (the government), food, shelter, a backyard to play in, schooling, personal freedom as long as he did his chores (a job, except for Baumann, in which case these still mean house chores), protection from bullies, etc., with no expectation of repayment, only the hopes that he will be a good child and eventually grow up one day to be happy and successful in his own right (have love for his country, respect where he came from, and promote self/national development). However, to his parents dismay, as a teenager, this child prematurely deems himself all knowledgeable and rebukes his loving parents who fostered his development and urged him to be an individual. He forgets that he was given everything, that without his parent’s protection, food on the table, and the safety of the home that they have worked so hard to provide, that he would be on his own as a mere child, no home, no protection from GPS wearing sex offenders (terrorists and (butt) pirates), no source of love and encouragement that helps to mold youth, the next generation of future leaders. Although he becomes a thorn in their side, acts up in school, and makes mistakes (makes anti-US remarks, denounces his patriotism for such a ‘horrid’ country), his parents still provide for him until he can sustain himself. They do this because even though he has become a detriment to their daily lives (US critics living in this country), they love him, believe in him, and once made mistakes themselves.

Us_icons_3 My point is not to say that one cannot criticize the government, but rather that like our parents, the government has made mistakes but is still trying to do its best to keep this country together and provide a safe place for its citizens. And yes, like the article says, promoting peace sometimes means going to war. These people that sit there and try to undermine everything that the government does are not making feasible suggestions to act upon in the future, rather they are just promoting the problem by pointing the finger and causing a distraction to those in positions to make decisions, wasting time. I think that we’ve all heard someone say, ‘If the government does this or that then I’m moving to Canada’. To this my response is, start fucking packing you communist. If you can’t stand living here then leave. But do they, no. And one of the people that I’ve heard this from is my brother, so don’t think that I’m not serious about this, even if my own blood says this, see you on the bike path. They continue to bitch all the while enjoying the freedoms and the type of life that this country provides, a life that is better than that of 95% of the worlds population (no lie, I read this in an article). Be critical, but don’t be hypocritical and make outlandish statements just to cause a stir and waste my time and the US’s time, cause as long as you’re within these borders then we’re all in this together. There are people abroad fighting, some not cause they want to, but because it was a necessity (ROTC to pay for college, no other job options, whatever) while some stand on a soap box and preach anti-US sentiments from within these borders. For fuck’s sake, all these soldiers ask is for us to support them, not the war, them, and some people are too busy staging antiwar rallies to stage a pro-soldier rally to show our support of a job that most would never want. Grow a pair and save it ’till there is an attack on the US, oh wait, there was and it was the worst act of terrorism in history, don’t forget it.

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  1. defense
    Nov 10, 2006 @ 17:57:16

    Bravo Towers.

  2. E
    Nov 10, 2006 @ 14:34:20

    Thats Patriotic!

  3. M+T
    Nov 10, 2006 @ 10:43:40

    Well said Towers, the finger pointing in our government has gotten out of hand. The Democrats now have the podium (and have been pointing the finger at Bush and the Republicans for six years now) so it’s time for them to sack up and find solutions to the problems our country faces.