I.F.S. 2016: Azerbaijam

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Olympicringscool2 Mark your calendars fellow ministers and rabbi, for the future of I.F.S. may be reaching new heights.  According to the International Olympic Committee, the composers of the beautiful tune that is our anthem is to bid on the Summer Olympic Games for 2016.  That’s right, Azerbaijan’s capital city of Baku will place a bid for the 2016 summer games and everytime Azerbaijan wins gold, we can all celebrate by drinking Adolphi and singing our anthem.  Wouldn’t it be glorious?  By The Cake Of Pannnnnnyyaaahhh..  See you at Azerbaijam!  Azerbaijan 2016


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  1. M+T
    Nov 21, 2006 @ 17:11:25

    Wow ten years from now, we could be crowded around Nova’s 503-in. TV watching Baumann compete in laser tag, all the while singing the anthem, with Adolphi’s resting on our rich bellies, playing Wii on the second TV, and watching porn on the third TV. Hank Jr., the robot dog will fetch us beers, and eat the pancake nachos we drop on the floor. In the year 2016…