Calling Out the Monkey – Post / Comment Or Die

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As a founding father, there is a responsibility to instill the values of I.F.S. to all ministers that come later in membership.  The title of founding father is not as significant however, as the time spent as a minister.  As all founding fathers, have been a part of I.F.S. for two years now, we should know what to do to maintain our great society.  One of these duties includes posting, which goes along with wearing the brown + white shirts, and gold ties.  It isn’t hard, but it gets harder the longer you go without doing it.  Every minister should be able to find the 5-10 mins. a month to make a post, or comment a couple times, and almost everyone does.

Without a post since August, or a Comment since September, you are seriously lagging behind MOF.  And oh my god, would you look at that, it’s been exactly a year to the day since the last time I had to resort to calling you out in a post.

So for you Monkey of Finance, I thought I would make it easier on you by having Google translate the site for you.  And with this Bud Smack Talk thing, a post is just an uploaded picture and a sentence away.

See here I just did another one.

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  1. nova
    Nov 19, 2006 @ 21:00:21

    there should be a trial to his standing as a member and founding father within our organization. maybe court t.v.