Wow wee Tom, I.F.S. on MySpace!


The next step to I.F.S. world dominance is taking over the land of child predators, spammers, and fake pages galore.  That’s right fellow ministers and rabbi, we are taking over MySpace.  With all the time I don’t have on my hands, I have put our glorious organization in the spot light by creating I.F.S. space.  I made it into a music page so that the anthem could be added to each of our profiles in hopes of bringing some attention to all the wonderful things we have accomplished the past (almost) two years.  I would also like to suggest that somehow we get a version of Spray Jam up there as soon as Diego can make that happen.  Check us out fellas,   here we come. 


Ifs   +       Tom_1                        

  =                                                  Heart1 I.F.S. Space

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  1. defense
    Sep 29, 2006 @ 12:51:40

    Thank God. I was worried there for a minute. So, San Fran music fest out, Amanda and her friends in their underwear in. Living the dream here in beautiful Los Angeles, CA.

  2. rousing
    Sep 29, 2006 @ 12:32:03

    Defense! Are you crazy? Check you’re fucking email! Jesus…

  3. Rousing
    Sep 29, 2006 @ 08:39:10

    Hey Booman, you alive?

  4. rousing
    Sep 28, 2006 @ 23:14:43

    Wow Trade, My miss you is big. And Bernie, I love your goddam voice. That last note, that Neaaaaah! Perfect.