I invented the piano key neck tie…what have you done!?!


I’ve been throwing around a few ideas for neck ties. A necktie for all occasions, whether you’re slaving away in the office, attending a bar mitzvah or possibly going on that special date to Red Lobster for the shrimp fest. As a society we need to begin to update our wardrobe, hopefully establishing a completly formal ensemble if you will…okay, so I was thinking either a solid gold or brown with the IFS embroidered on the OR a striped gold/brown with same embroidery. It may also be possible to include a hankey, yup, a hankey for that suit. I promise the price won’t be as much as the shirts, BA BOOOOM…Let me know.

Auf Wiedersehen, MOW



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  1. schroediki
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 20:44:25

    what’s deal with this shindig on saturday…are we ditching SB now? nobody calls me…swammy

  2. defense
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 20:03:47

    Amanda? Like, Rousing’s Amanda?

  3. M+T
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 17:24:03

    I wanted to go up to SB for MOL’s b-day and football Sunday, but I guess he is going to Amanda’s, so no SB this weekend. Work on Monday isn’t possible if I go to SB on Sunday.

  4. Gift Card
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 17:10:05

    Who is coming this weekend, and Curtis/Josh, Bernie was talking about Amanda having a party, what is the deal with that? Is everyone going to that and coming up to SB, or just Josh? That’s a lot of chili for 6.

  5. rousing
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 14:40:35

    Oh! Sprammy!

  6. diego jam
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 13:53:38

    great idea boomerang and letters, please do bring sexy. I wanna spray jam sexy! just because you know.. it’s my life!

  7. defense
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 13:07:36

    After much discussion and debate, Minister of Letters and I have decided to bring sexy back.

  8. Farrakhan
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 11:02:13

    My brothers will have your white asses for my defamation.

  9. rousing
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 10:36:41

    Hey Gift Card, I’ll pass my money along to the rebbe, so when he’s up there this weekend he can pass it on to you. He’s good with money, because, well you know.

  10. Gift Card
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 09:55:05

    Frick, if you gave Baumann your check, he spent it on blow and whores cause he didn’t give it to me.
    About the tie, a nice brown and gold striped (striped down and to the right) tie with the Old English IFS embroidered parallel to the bottom stripe of the tie would be delicious. Brooks Brothers has some good patterns for some ideas:
    I think either a Guard stripe (thick stripes) or a Bar Stripe (thick gold stripe with thin brown stripe) would be simple yet sophisticated…but what do I know, I wear shorts and a t-shirt and ride my beach cruiser to work.

  11. rousing
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 08:04:31

    Yeah, Farrakhan. Piece of shit.

  12. M+T
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 20:05:47

    No f-ing bowties Farrakhan. Maybe suspenders and matching socks.

  13. finance
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 14:14:13

    Bow tie?

  14. finance
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 14:12:48

    Yes, very gold with some brown, small IFS font.
    Many people in the fincial industry use gold ties…sometimes with suspenders. If we got a IFS gold tie, i would sport it to work with gold suspenders with IFS embroidered on the straps.

  15. M+T
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 11:32:09

    Brown and gold would look good.
    Only six ministers have not yet signed up for their @wedoiteverymonth.com email/calendar/chat accounts.
    Keep it rolling.

  16. defense
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 11:22:08

    Shiny gold. Very shiny. Like, shines so bright it hurts to look at shiny.

  17. rousing
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 10:43:07

    I forgot this – the IFS font should be very small.

  18. rousing
    Sep 13, 2006 @ 09:58:12

    A solid Gold Power Tie, with italic brown type along the bottom edge – that’s my vote.

  19. defense
    Sep 12, 2006 @ 21:44:23

    What about a solid red power tie? It’d be good for those of us in or soon to be in the corporate world. That’s just my two cents.