Chatting It Up on the Old Chat Box

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So 12 of our 16 ministers have signed up for the new Gmail services.  That’s pretty good for less than a week, but I want everyone on it, and I want everyone to have the ability to chat to one another during the course of a day, but most importantly I want to make sure everyone knows how to sign-up and how to use these new services.

Here’s the email I sent out to everyone earlier this week, minus the passwords:

Advancements in technology have given us prosthetic limbs, bridges, and erection pills for spray jamming all day.

the help of Google, I have made email addresses, a calendar, and a
contact list for all of our International Flapjacking Needs.

Here is the list of usernames:

















































username first name
international Diego
spirits John
letters Bernie
mom Andrew
wardrobe Mark
finance Chris
design Mike
auditory Fidel
rousing Curtis
phil Esteban
photo Dane
defense Scott
athletics Mike
trade Jordan
leisure Josh

They should be self-explanatory, everyone’s login is the
If anyone doesn’t like there username it can be changed, but for now
try to use these, as everyone should have everyone else in there
Contacts list, and that may change if the username changes.

(Email me at for the password if you have not received this email.)

Go here to sign-in for the first time to your email: 

you have done this, you should notice all members are listed under
Contacts, and in the Quick Contacts box.  If everyone wants to, or with
work (can), install Google Talk, we can all converse/chat easily. If you can’t install Google Talk, you can still chat, if you see a green circle next to that person’s name then they are online and available to chat, rollover the person’s name and you should be able to click Chat, a grey circle means they are offline, and nothing means that person hasn’t used chat.

If you are on your home computer, go here to download Google Talk.

Once your email is set-up, you can jump over to the calendar here:

or it should be up in the top left or right of your gmail screen.

You should see "I.F.S. – International Flapjack Society Calendar" under "Calendars" in the left sidebar.
(If you don’t see it, contact me, Booman’s didn’t work but I know it has worked for some.)

That is about it, MCR and myself have had hearty chats everyday at work, but we have grown tired of making fun of Tanto to one another, not to mention he is one of the only ministers to get Google Talk up and running on his computer so it is not nearly as fun.


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  1. baggs
    Sep 14, 2006 @ 21:29:11

    i was under the impression we could go to amanda’s thing on saturday, and then the bbq on sunday at our new pad. the only thing that’s changed is saturday night’s party location.