Sweet Caroline

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Last night while licking suckling pig off of my finger tips and downing an Adolphus breezy, my enjoyment was thrown into a doggy bag, when word of the new Will Farrell movie was not as expected.  When the Minister of Letters tells you that a movie is just good, that is a bad sign (he said Spider-Man 2 was amazing and we all know that was an exaggeration).  While Talledega Nights doesn’t have the all-star producing team that made Saw and Hostel, I’ve heard Anchorman was pretty funny. 

Still, I cannot escape a poor review from one of my brothers, I can only hope that he was attempting to make the movie better for everyone else by not building high expectations.  Or maybe he needs to leave the movie critiquing to old Gus Chiggins and get a spot in line for Employee of the Month.

I will be rewatching all of Will Ferrell’s best SNL skits today, hoping that Talladega Nights is made of bbq spare ribs so that I can polish it off with a tall, cool Adolphus tonight.

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