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As Summer burns away this month, sports will once again occupy televisions nationwide, and no I’m not talking baseball playoffs, the Halos are seven games back and the A’s are money-balling there way to an AL West championship. College football kicks off this weekend, and since UCSB hasn’t had a division I football team since 1972, and we lost alumni like Mike Martz to Fresno St., hey we still can claim Brian Shaw, and Michael Young, UCSB graduates are left with no one to root for, and let me tell you, without a team your nobody.  My brother has compiled a top ten list of the Pac-10 teams, and their corresponding Anchorman personas, I suggest you peruse it, if not for a great refresher on one of the funniest movies of the decade.

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  1. mandrew
    Sep 05, 2006 @ 10:35:48

    I liked the Anchorman Pac-10 comparisons. You know those rating systems don’t account for households with more than one TV,… and other things of that nature.