Looking Forward

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regarding the meeting following IFS: THE EXODUS, (especially if it is becomming a seasonal occourence, as has been previously suggested), i ask that we keep in mind that IFS was created in November 2004, thereby requiring, nay, demanding a 2 year anniversary meeting in the month of november.  Img_1359orig

this comemerative meeting (the breakfast) should probably be as traditional as possible (in SB IHOP, Dottie, etc.). it should pay homage to the one day that has delivered countless more days of joy.

so, get those wheels turning, and we should discuss activities for IFS: THE ANNIVERSARY, PART DEUX during IFS: THE EXODUS’s breakfast. (Where is breakfast going to be, by the way??)

It was discussed this morning that perhaps the meeting following THE ANNIVERSARY, PART DEUX could be a new years meeting… IFS: A NEW BEGINNING, anyone??  as we have recently learned, if a great idea is proposed early, it will happen.  it’s never too early to start planning.

see y’all in philladelphia, pa.      its happening.

Love Letters

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  1. rousing
    Aug 25, 2006 @ 13:42:54

    Wow dad, I never even saw this post there’s been so many recently. Good post baggs. We can figure something out in Fili.