IFS: The Exoitinerary (tentative)


Anthony20kinggenos Before I talk about tentative plans for IFS: Exodus, I just want all of you to know how excited I am about having all of you here and wanted you all to know that this is your trip.  I grew up here, so what I have planned is just my best guess to what you guys might want to do and see, but if I left something out, we can for sure do whatever it is you want to do.  With that being said, this is what I’ve got for you monks so far.  I will be counting pills from 9-5 at my job on Wednesday, August 30th and plan to board the good old Amtrak that evening to arrive in the Illadelph by the time our fellow Rabbi arrives.  Is anyone else arriving Wednesday night besides Strauss?  On Wednesday night Strauss and I and whoever else arrives that day will be staying with one of the two best friends I have that live in the city.  Early Thursday, August 31st is when many of you will arrive.  As I posted before, what you will need to do from the airport after you retrieve your luggage is board the Regional Rail SEPTA train toward Central Philadelphia.  It should be one of the R1 trains and they run roughly every half hour, so you won’t be waiting for too long.  The cost for the train into 30th St. Station is about $5.50.  I will meet the crew thats coming in early Thursday morning at 30th St. Station.  For those that are arriving later, call me when you arrive at 30th St. Station and we will start making our way back to our hotel.  The later arrivers will have to hop on the subway.  If you walk into the main area of 30th Street Station, you will see an area that has an Auntie Annes Pretzel stand.  Walk past the pretzel stand to the exit outside and if you exit those doors you will see a walkway that crosses over a couple of streets and leads to the stairs going down to the subway.  You will be boarding the Blue subway line and you want to travel east to 2nd Street.  There are machines that dispense tokens for the subway that you will see by the entrances once you are underground.  Each ride on the subway will only require one token.  Get off at 2nd Street and call me again and we will either meet you at the corner of 2nd and Market St. (where you will be when you get off the subway), or I can give you easy directions to the hotel.  This whole thing may sound complicated, but it really isn’t.  From 30th Street Station if you can’t find where the subway station is, just ask one of the 100,000 cops that will be visible in the train station to point you in the right direction.  If you want to avoid all of this subway riding and hop in a cab, you could do that as well, but the subway route will save you some dough.  If you decide to hop in a cab, this is where we will be staying for Thursday and Friday nights:


The Hyatt Regency Hotel at Penn’s Landing

201 South Columbus Blvd.  Tel:  215-928-1234. 

So if you hop in a cab, just give them that address and they will get you right to the hotel.   I used Priceline.com to get us a 4 star hotel in Philly for 2 nights and we lucked out and got ourselves 3 rooms for 2 nights at the Hyatt for 85 bucks a night.  Including tax this comes out to $600.00 total for all the rooms for both nights.  Divide that by 12 or 13 or 14 or 15, depending on how many monks make the trip, and you should be bringing $50.00 or less for the rooms.  I stuck my neck out and put all of this in my name on my credit card, so let’s keep additional charges off the bill.  So, we should have between 4 and 5 people per room, which should be more than comfortable for all.  Thursday we will be walking all over the city so bring stuff in case it should rain and all of that fun stuff.  I don’t know what you all want to see on Thursday..  I know where the shopping district is for you Blue Beetle employees, we can check out the Liberty Bell, walk by the Art Museum (the steps that Rocky runs up), Rittenhouse Park (a nice little park where a lot of times they have bands and other things and there are a lot of outside cafes there and that type of thing), South Street (for delicious Pat’s or Geno’s steaks), etc…  So, what would everyone like to do/see?  Friday we will shake off the hangovers of the night before and see what we didn’t see on Thursday and hit up some bars before we head over to Citizen’s Bank Park for the Phillies game.  Bring a red shirt if ya got em to support the home squad.  I will take care of the tickets so you don’t have to factor that into your travel funds as you all paid for airfare, the least I can do is pick up your tickets to the ball game.  Saturday morning we will check out of the Hyatt, head back to 30th St. Station and board an Amtrak on our way towards Hershey, PA.  We will get off at the Elizabethtown, PA stop which is about 10 minutes from my house.  My parents will meet us there and my car will be there from where I left it on Wednesday to make sure we all have rides into Hershey.  The cost of the Amtrak train to my house is $20.00 and takes about an hour and a half.  This is what I was thinking for Saturday, but let me know if you would like to do something else.  My dad was set to barbecue for all of us Saturday and there will be plenty of Yuengling Lager for all as we gear up for the first day of college football.  I was thinking we’d get back here, maybe grab a nap, and get up and start boozing.  Penn State plays their first game of the season at 3:30…. Saturday evening, my parents will be getting a hotel room to make more sleeping room for all of you guys.  We can either just kick it at my house for the night and I can invite my friends from here over to party, or we can try and figure out rides to go to one of our local watering holes.  Either Saturday or Sunday, whenever it happens, I will show you around town.  We can go by the Hershey’s and Reese’s plants and we will go to Chocolateworld to purchase anything you might want to take back with you.  My dad gets a discount at Chocolate World for being a Hershey Foods Retiree, so I’ll take his card and can help out whoever is purchasing delicious milk chocolate and other assorted items.  They have a ride at Chocolate World explaining how chocolate is made and a 3D movie.  The ride is free, the movie is about $8.00 so let me know if you are interested in either.  From there I was thinking we would go into Harrisburg (the capital of PA) and walk around by the Susquehanna River at a place called City Island.  We can walk the bridge from there and head into downtown Harrisburg for lunch/dinner depending on when we get there and more tasty beverages.  My dad and I will then figure out how we are gonna get everyone to the airport and we will be driving you to catch your returning flights.  So, besides your airfare that is paid for, all you will need to bring is $50.00 for the rooms in Philly, $20.00 for the train back to Hershey,  and your food/booze money.  Also bring some shorts to swim in as I have a hottub at my house.  Saturday afternoon we will barbecue here and probably end up getting a keg so you won’t need any money for that and my dad has also offered to make us his delicious homemade flapjacks on Saturday morning if you all desire.  We can get many Adolphi and have a little meeting at my house with some delicious homemade flapjacks, bacon, sausage, toast, ham, and whatever the hell else you all want for breakfast.  If you want to try and hit up an IHOP instead of this idea, let me know, like I said previously, this trip is your trip..  Monday you all will be going bye bye and I will once again be depressed that I’m not living within the vicinity of all my closest friends. That’s all I got, Whatchu got?  Comment at will



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  1. mandrew
    Aug 22, 2006 @ 18:31:19

    Jordan, you’re the man! Thanks to your folks, thats real generous. I’ll see you all in Philly.

  2. Mike T.
    Aug 22, 2006 @ 14:26:34

    Holy Schnitzel, this is going to be redonkulous. Mad props to all of us who have made the commitment in the great name of IFS to journey to the easterly regions where this great country was molded over morning meetings with flapjacks and evening presidings with beer in Independence Hall, rightly named, as all was sacrificed for LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS, the AMERICAN WAY. Sounds kinda like a little organization I know of called the INTERNATIONAL FLAPJACK SOCIETY. We come from greatness. See you all in Philly!

  3. Trade
    Aug 20, 2006 @ 18:55:49

    Phillies tickets were purchased for:
    Schroeds, Nova, Bernie, Esteban, Baumann, Curtis, Frick, Diego, Jimmy, Strauss, Towers, Finance (got his ticket tonight), and Fidel (says he is coming in Friday, but not sure what time so I got him a ticket just in case). Am I missing anyone?

  4. hambone
    Aug 19, 2006 @ 19:06:23

    Well, that just about covers it. Count the MOD in. Count Dane out. So I guess we won’t have any photos of all this. Oh, wait, we wouldn’t have any photos even if he came…

  5. Rousin
    Aug 19, 2006 @ 19:04:05

    Good God, I’m so happy. Thanks in advance to you and your parents – this all sounds amazing. And a party at your place sounds better then bars, but that just me, what do I fucking know? Great Post Jordan.