How Not to Cope with Break-up – The Hasselhoff Way



Step 1. Break-up with longtime girlfriend and/or spouseand endure public berating, but retaliate appropriately.

Step 2. Go on a bender, and publicly embarass yourself

Step 3. Pour yourself into your work, only to come up for air to party

Step 4. Set your sights unreasonably high and create painful rejection situations, try to do this at work

Step 5. Become completely self-involved and pronounce your importance by doing a play about your life, in which you are the star.

Step 6. Sell yourself and your image in order to restore the values that got you where you were.

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  1. rousing
    Aug 14, 2006 @ 09:50:29

    the defender’s short barrel.

  2. defender
    Aug 13, 2006 @ 02:01:58

    if you can pull the trigger of a long barrel shotgun, maybe you earned the right to die? but not you scott-you have so much to live for!

  3. M+T
    Aug 12, 2006 @ 03:59:04

    Booman step four through six are the difficult ones, dont sell yourself short, reach for the stars. We only remember those who surprise us by reinventing life in new manners.

  4. baumann
    Aug 11, 2006 @ 18:37:36

    I’ve got steps one through four done, but for step five for me will be placing the business end of a 12-gauge in my mouth, and step six will be pulling the fucking trigger.

  5. rousing
    Aug 11, 2006 @ 16:26:02

    Jesus, for a minute there I thought you were talking about Booman. In Other Wooooords….Please be Truuuuuue.