The State of our Society


        Gentlemen, hard times have fallen upon our beloved organization.  I feel there has been a significant lack of enthusiasm for IFS.  I know this is a time of uncertainly for many of us.  We are all in the midst of the post college transition into full blown adulthood; many of us don’t know where we are going or what we will be doing in the coming years; and some of us are licking our wounds from recently ended relationships.  Well, gentlemen, times like this are exactly why we need IFS.  For me, personally, this is the time when I need you guys more than ever.  I quit my plush and secure job that I had for the better part of the last year.  I no longer have the girlfriend that I moved to Los Angeles to be with.  I have no idea what I will do when I finish school in September.  This is the time when I need to know that I have our organization, our brotherhood, for support.  I know I can be a bit of a brute at times, and I talk my fair share of shit, but in spite of that I want you guys to know that you are not just my old college buddies; you are the most important people in my life.  I’ve never been very close with my family, so understand that IFS is very important to me, and I want of us to do well and share that with each other.
        With that being said, just as many of us are going through a transition, our organization is going through one as well.  With members spreading throughout the county and even the world, and with the additional commitments that come along with no longer being a piece of drunken college shit, meeting every month is no longer feasible.  As it stands now we are on route to start meeting quarterly.  I think this will better fit our schedules, and it will be easier to withstand the devastating blow that is an IFS weekend binder.  Now, as I mentioned earlier, things bring up the problem of enthusiasm and having enough of it to bridge the gap of three months between meetings.  The only way to solve this problem, as I see it, is for each meeting to have three times the strength of a  monthly meeting.  This is why we need to buy our tickets to Hershey, PA.  Now, I’ve been privy to some closed door whisperings about flying Jordan to California instead of spending the five thousand dollars it would take to fly us all to him, but this is not an option.  Two months ago we agreed to do this, and nothing has changed between now and then.  I have heard rumors of some members saying they won’t go.  Well, this trip will show who is really in IFS for the long haul, and who is a bitch.  Dane and Fidel, I’m talking to you.  Jordan is one of our strongest members, and we all looked him in the eye and promised to come across the country to his hometown, where his family welcomes all of us with open arms.  And we can tour the factory where the best chocolate in the world is made.  It will be truly great.
       One member who has a valid excuse to not make it to Hershey is John Converse.  It is with sadness and congragualtions that we will bid him farewell at his going away party on July 29th.  We should all be there.  We need to come together to both see him off and also give Josh Strauss a proper welcome home, complete with a Jagermeister ice luge that will provide the first drinks for me and Curtis to end our Month of Clean Living.  Dane and Fidel, this will be the last time you get to see Converse before he leaves the country for years.  It will be a slap in the face to all of us if either of you are not there.

Gentlemen, the time is now.

Scott Lawrence Baumann, Minister of DefenseAmericanflag

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  1. Trade
    Jul 20, 2006 @ 17:24:32

    Well put Baumann..
    I’ll be the first to admit that I have been somewhat of a ghost since I left lovely Santa Barbara. It’s definitely been a hard transition to being with all my best friends every day, to moving back home with my parents. Most of you may know that my Mom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a couple of years ago and watching this progress, although slow, is very saddening to me. I don’t want to make this post a huge downer, but I think Baumann is right on with the fact that we need to rally and since you all are my best friends as well, I feel comfortable sharing all of this with everyone. On a lighter note, I am not in any state of depression and am enjoying keeping busy with work and having money in my pocket. I’ve caught up with a lot of old friends, although many of my high school friends have also moved on to bigger and better things. September 1 is swiftly approaching, and if you all still want to come out here, the door is still wide open and I will be able to get off of work that weekend for sure. If many of you think this is not feasible and would like me to explore coming out there for that weekend, I’m open to that idea, but not sure it’s gonna fly well with my parents since I’ll probably be flying out there 4-6 times in the next half year for pharmacy school open houses/interviews, and to visit all of you. I have it in my plans to be out there shortly after the new year to see everybody. Thanks Baumann for all the compliments and support and I’m still here for all of you guys even if I have to do it from 3000 miles away. I’ll make a concerted effort to try and stay in the loop. I hope all of you are doing well.. Good flapjack

  2. John Converse
    Jul 20, 2006 @ 17:21:30

    I hope to see all of there my BROTHERS

  3. Rousing?
    Jul 20, 2006 @ 14:47:48

    Wow, well said, maybe you should take over the rousing. And this comes at the perfect time. We have little over a month til our trip (Labor Day weekend, Sept. 1st). As we discussed, this will take a series of efforts – a mass group cooperation of this magnitude isn’t possible nor would it be efficient. So, it is up to those beacons of responsibility and leadership to now take the reins. You know who you are.
    And remember, if you are able to buy a ticket – that’s great, but not enough. You must also motivate those around you to follow your lead. Just focus on buying the tickets…once we do, the deal is sealed and we’re off to visit Jordan.