I.F.S. Chocolatetown: The Exodus




Hershey’s chocolate, Hershey’s chocolate, It’s a Hershey’s Chocolate world.  Wherever you go, no matter how far, you’re always near a Hershey’s Bar.  Hershey’s chocolate, real milk chocolate, HERSHEY’S…  The great American Chocolate Bar.  Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination.  Thats right brothers, the time is swiftly approaching and some tentative planning has been put on the table for us to discuss.  It seems as though some of our fellow ministers have gotten the ball rolling and have purchased their airfare to the land of Hershey kiss street lamps (pictured), to the land of the Calder Cup Champion Hershey Bears (yeah I know I’m the only one that cares about AHL hockey), to the land of Hersheypark, to land of Chocolate World, to the land that was built on chocolate thanks to our town’s most beloved humanitarian, philanthropist, and chocolatier, Milton Snavely Hershey.  Milton S. Hershey was a rags to riches story that began with a failed caramel company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that he abandoned in 1900 to focus on chocolate.  He built the Hershey Chocolate Factory in 1903 and it thrived right on through the depression into today and around it arose one of the finest towns in the country.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet, before we pay visit to the town built on chocolate, we must first conquer the Illadelph.  How fitting it is, in this unfamiliar state of our society, that we will gather soon in the City of Brotherly Love.  Baumann and Curtis have taken the initiative and have booked flights out of LAX into Philadelphia International (PHL) on the red-eye flight to arrive in the Illadelph early on Thursday, August 31.  Their flights costed a little over 300 Washingtons.  So, the plan is to try and get everyone into Philadelphia on Thursday, August 31.  There is a Regional Railway that runs from the Airport Terminal to Center City Philadelphia.  The R1 train makes a stop at each of the terminals and for $5.50 will take you to the 30th St. Station in Center City Philadelphia.  Here is the weekday schedule for that train that runs roughly every half hour. Septa Railway Schedule  Those numbers on the schedule my friends are not fares, but times of arrival.  So, before you leave for your trip, print out this schedule and when you get off your plane, figure out which terminal you’ve arrived at, and find the next train leaving your terminal and get off at 30th Street Station.  I will be arriving by train as well either Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning and the train I will be on does not go by the airport so this is why I will be meeting you at the 30th Street Station.

P1_phanatic On Friday, September 1, we will all be eating Cheesteaks in Ashburn Alley (the concession area out in right and center field) and enjoying numerous tasty beverages before treating ourselves to a Phillies vs. Braves match-up at beautiful Citizens Bank Park.  First pitch is at 7:05pm.  Tickets will run probably around 20-35 dollars, but I will check into discounted group tickets.  After the game, we will be reeking havoc all over the local watering holes until they shut us down at 2…. but hey, at least you can smoke in the bars.  Accomodations will be discussed later as we set on exact numbers and flights are aligned.  On Saturday, we will all hop on the subway back to the 30th St. Station and head for Chocolatetown.  Since you all will have paid a lot for your plane flights, I will be more than happy to pick up the slack for your Amrak ride back to Hershey.  It will only cost me 13-18 dollars a person, so believe me, you have nobody to thank but yourselves for the commitment of getting yourself out here.  We need to get a good early start on Saturday so that we can make it to Hershey at a decent time so we will have 2 full days there before you’re returning flights.. sleep off your hangover on the train (train ride = 1hr 20 min).  Saturday I will be more than happy to take you all around the small, but quaint little town of Hershey, Pennsylvania so all of you can see where I became a man.  I can show you the chocolate factory, the Reese’s plant, Chocolate World, Hersheypark, Hershey High School, Hersheypark Stadium, Hotel Hershey, The Hershey Gardens, The Hershey Trust, The Hershey Mansion, the Hershey Kiss streetlights, the Hershey Trolley, and the Hershey dive bars all in span of one half hour, and that is not a joke.  Saturday night we will either hit up a local bar in Hershey, or if we have enough energy and car support (don’t know how many of my buddys will be in town that weekend) we can make it into downtown Harrisburg to the bars for an evening.  Sunday I was thinking perhaps a flapjack breakfast is in order.  I have a few Hersheypark tickets laying around and can continue to ask around for free ones as well if you all are interested in doing that on Sunday.  Hersheypark is our local amusement park and the main attraction to the tourist town I call home.  Whether you want to take a ride on the Sooper-Dooper-Looper (one of the first looped roller coasters on the East Coast),  or our recent additions the Great Bear, or the Storm Runner (goes from 0-72mph in 2 seconds), or even hop on some good old fashioned bumper cars, than this might be our Sunday afternoon/evening excursion.  If Hersheypark sounds like something you want to do, comment ASAP so I can ask around to my friends to get us more free passes.  My Dad can get discounted tickets, but they are charging some godawful 40 some dollars a piece for these things now.  I know I have at least 5 here already and can work on the other ones.  I figure if this is what we want to do, then however many tickets we are short we can all pitch in and it will be much less than 40 dollars.  Look around at the Hersheypark website at all the killer rides before you let me know if you are interested.Hersheypark If we are strapped for cash by the time we get into Hershey, fear not my friends.  Jack (my dad) will enjoy grilling and drinking with all of the I.F.S. brothers once again.  Monday we will take all you guys to the Philadelphia Airport for your flights home.  Hopefully, since you get 3 hours back flying back back to Cali Cali, you will be able to find some sort of flight leaving Philadelphia in the afternoon so that after all of our fun we can get you to the airport on time and in plenty of time.  Let me know what you think..  and Good Flapjack   Great_bear_night

Check out how sweet the Great Bear looks at night

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  1. mike "the big, big" towers
    Jul 26, 2006 @ 21:48:17

    I’m on the way. You know I would not miss the chance to stay in a land that is famous for chocolate goodness, which you should all know is a soft spot in my belly. Please tell me that you or one of your friends has a chocolate filled pool that I could float in.

  2. Trade
    Jul 26, 2006 @ 14:13:33

    I got a message from Bernie yesterday saying he and Esteban are in the process of tickets as are Mark and Nova once they receive their next paychecks. The sooner I get a final count and know how many monks are on their way, the sooner and better deal I can get on tickets for the game etc. I’m not getting many responses so as of yet all I can do is guestimate

  3. Defense
    Jul 26, 2006 @ 12:20:15

    Speaking of which, the Month of Clean Living is about to come to a glorious and welcome close. Good thing too, because I need something to displace the utter despair and loneliness that fills the void that is my life. Booze is good for that, right?
    As for plane tickets and the Bath House, come guys, this your chance to not fail at SOMETHING. But then again, I know Mark has a lot on his mind…

  4. rousin'
    Jul 25, 2006 @ 14:31:18

    So who’s buying their tickets next? Was that just a bunch of drunk talk Nova? Is it even ‘drunk talk’ when you’re never sober? jesus…

  5. Defense
    Jul 24, 2006 @ 13:43:47

    What is everyone’s ticket status?
    Curtis and I got them. Bernie, did you get on the same flight? Mike and E, I know guys mentioned you were getting yours. Did that happen? Finance and Fricker, do they have the Internet in Central America? Fidel, I know you will be moving into a new place and starting school and all but if you just buy the ticket everything else will fall into place. Towers? Strauss? Dane? Mark? Diego, have found out if you can get on a plane if you “forgot” your ID?

  6. Baumann
    Jul 22, 2006 @ 16:08:31

    I’m ready for it. Come on bring it.

  7. baggs
    Jul 22, 2006 @ 11:36:25

    goddamnit… this trip involves plane flights and rollercoasters?!?!? i’ll bet next you’re gonna tell me that there’s gonna be snakes on the plane.

  8. Rousin
    Jul 22, 2006 @ 02:25:26

    I am so happy. Thank you Jordan, this is going to be amazing. I am so happy. Scott is so happy too.