Spray Jam!!


Img_0123  It was a great flapjack weekend, the bar was pretty sweet and everything went pretty good EXCEPT for the fact that when I went to pick up my belongings, my bag, clothing and all the schnitzel, everything was soaked with stinky fucking urine!!! Bunch you sick son-of-a-bitch, you pist the fuck out of my stuff, as a matter of fact I believe you pist in nothing else in that closet BUT my schnitzel!! You’ve earned my CF vote for the rest of the year, and whenever I see a bag of yours laying around I will SPRAY JAM the shit out of it!!!

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  1. Baumann
    Jun 19, 2006 @ 12:36:30

    Yes. Yes I did.

  2. MANdrew Frickerigno
    Jun 19, 2006 @ 11:44:12

    It’s actually Contintental Breakfast award, which would be CB. Speaking of which, Baumann did you find the surfing monkey coin bank at your house?

  3. baggs
    Jun 16, 2006 @ 10:56:42

    ‘spray jamming each other’? …gross

  4. Defense
    Jun 15, 2006 @ 16:22:57

    Finance and I know a thing or two about Spray Jamming… each other!!!
    P.S.- I went to a game at Yankee Stadium earlier today and it was sweet. Spray Jam!!

  5. john Converse
    Jun 14, 2006 @ 21:15:19

    Spray Jam…….Sweet!!!!

  6. M+T
    Jun 14, 2006 @ 18:26:58

    hahaha…Spray Gem. If it makes you feel any better I carried out all your pee-soaked belongings. Pissing on things is not my forte (vomiting is much more my style) so I was surprised to hear that I had pissed in the closet. Sorry to whomevers things I pissed on, Diego, Curtis, and anyone else.
    My cat used to do it to my backpack all the time, but I never peed on her stuff in return. I probably should have.