Links the Whole Family Can Enjoy


Mmm…I’m hungry, hungry for some "African American Flavor"

Look at him, he loves it.

This meat is making me sleepy.

Maybe Dad could read me a bedtime story.

How can I stop those plagarizing bastards now?

That’s right, I can use my special power.

No more clowning around, soccer is really really great!

And this month should be a lot of funB-days, graduation, booze, french people, and most importantly pancakes

Slushfund dreams.


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  1. letters
    Jun 03, 2006 @ 17:47:14

    my brain is slush

  2. S. Lawrence Baumann
    Jun 01, 2006 @ 16:09:03

    I think my brain just turned inside-out. I look at this site way too much.