The Ones Who Made A Bad Choice…

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Had to sit through DoomDwayne "The Rock" Johnson is back again, and taking on the untackled genre of teen football.  It looks like the Substitute meets Varsity Blues and Friday Night Lights with a little Coach Carter and The Longest Yard thrown in for the perfect balance that can only be labeled, as the site points out, as Drama, Adaptation, and SportsOh and for street cred, Xzibit will drop some knowledge on the kids.  Free pimping with every ticket. 

"They’ve been intercepted on the road to trouble, now 100 yards is all that stands between them and reformation." 

(Not the actual tagline, but it should be.  Or something with ‘the ball is in their court’ just to mix sports analogies.  ‘They traded in their guns for helmets, but now they must prove on the field that they have what it takes to survive off the field’ yeah that one too).

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