…Everybody’s Learnin’ How


Burger1  So, the word is that a particular man by the name of John Converse is NOT going to be at IFS: The Reconstruction.  This means he is also going to miss the much anticipated Chins in the Sand bout, which, if the rumors are true, was set up because HE challenged a certain MOM.  This also means he is going to miss the Flapjack Invitational to be held Sunday morning at the famed Jalama Beach.  This is no good.

But since I don’t want to bring only bad news, I will tell you that I ate the best hamburger that I have ever had, and I’ve had some hambugers, believe you me, at a place called Father’s Office in beautiful Santa Monica, CA.  They also have a ridiculous number of beers on tap.  The only detractor was that, because all of their beers are of the microbrew persuasion, there was not a single bottle of Adolphus to be found.


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  1. Wang Slider
    May 18, 2006 @ 16:42:30

    Fuck Bloc Party.

  2. letters
    May 18, 2006 @ 16:08:34

    WHAAA!?! no ‘chins?’ gay-sauce. if the invitational is starting early on sunday, i’ll be able to make it. i have to be at the AVP @ west beach later that day around 1. bloc party tix go on sale saturday. get ’em for the anaheim show.

  3. M+T
    May 18, 2006 @ 12:15:52

    From what I heard from Curtis last night, it sounds like Converse has a decent excuse. What is the word on everyone else attending the Surf Invitational, will anyone or everyone be able to make it?

  4. Wang Slider
    May 18, 2006 @ 11:33:46

    Yeah, those sweet potato fries super duper good. And I find that I actually contribute to the smugness of the place, so the atmosphere I can deal with.
    But dodging a Japanese style beat-down from Fricker, especially when you brought it on yourself, that is so not cool. I think we’ve all had to take a Japanese beat-down at least once.

  5. M+T
    May 18, 2006 @ 11:20:44

    Them burgers is tasty fo sure. But no Adolphus and a generally smug atmosphere aint so tasty. Bleu cheese and carmelized onions on a burger, now that’s miraculous. I just want those motherfucking fries right now. Damn you Booman.
    Oh and missing meeting, not so miraculous.