Are You My Mother?



Where is the Minister of Photography when you need him?  Here are the photos from my phone from this past weekend.  The group shot in front of Roscoe’s made the trip completely worthwhile. No shots of The Space or The Cabana Club, but I saw one douche taking enough pictures to make picture taking look like a lost art form of the fairies.

Has anyone talked to the MoP about those Vegas photos?  My Flickr Pro account will be expiring in a few days (May 8th) and I won’t be renewing it right away.  I’m not sure what that will do to my account in terms of the site, but we may want to invest in an account for IFS ($25) to keep up the photo sharing, but that would be for the MoP.  Maybe no one cares.

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    May 04, 2006 @ 19:00:35

    Minister of Photohunt, we can sign up for a new Flickr account next meeting and I will show anyone that wants to know how to upload photos to Flickr. And a year later we will all be uploading photos. U.P.

  2. minister of photography
    May 04, 2006 @ 18:38:51

    Yeah guys sorry. I have a pretty good amount of pictures from the last SB meeting and haven’t gotten the pictures of Vegas from Jessica, but I’ve seen all of them and there are some pretty sweet ones. This weekend while I’m down there I’ll get those from her, but I’m not exactly sure how to post them yet.

  3. Ministeroftrade
    May 04, 2006 @ 17:05:44

    I still would like to hunt down that idiot that took about 30000 pictures of people he didn’t know at all. We are famous on some website; I checked, but came up empty. I’ll keep you posted….

  4. Rousing
    May 04, 2006 @ 15:40:52

    correction: if MOF can add that $25 to the bill total. so no petty grammar corrections – i’ve already made one.

  5. Rousing
    May 04, 2006 @ 12:58:41

    we can collect the $25 next meeting…if MOF can $25 add that to the bill total. good thing flickr adds the tax automatically.

  6. letters
    May 04, 2006 @ 11:23:04

    i think bunch has a thing for Finance.