Whem G.M.



I’d just like to thank/commend everyone for such an epic weekend.  It was great to see everyone and was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly everything ran.  Thanks to those of you who made this possible for this prestigious organization.  Since I’ve thoroughly enjoyed not sleeping at all these past few nights, I took an opportunity to speak with Wilbur at the concierge desk on my way out this afternoon. I convinced him to barter me a machine I just finished installing into my wall that constantly pumps oxygen into my bedroom.  In exchanged he received a, "You bet your sweet ass I am," for no apparent reason.  As I will no longer ever need to sleep again, I’m hoping to find more gems like this at 3 in the morning.  And now, without further ado, I give you….. Whem G.M. (Caution:  Not work friendly)


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  1. John Converse
    Apr 03, 2006 @ 17:12:23

    GUYS what can I say it was everything I wnated and soooooooooooooooooooooo mucfh more. Love ya brothers. SHOW ME THE WAY TO THE NEXT ATM. DONT ASK WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MANdrew
    Apr 03, 2006 @ 16:02:01

    Mmmm Indeed.

  3. M+T
    Apr 03, 2006 @ 14:06:11

    I feel well done. Nicely played Ministers. I hope everyone survived the brutal drive home.

  4. MOD
    Apr 03, 2006 @ 13:30:18

    Cheers to hard livin’
    Well done, gentlemen

  5. ministeroftrade
    Apr 03, 2006 @ 03:09:20

    Finance… A former dealer?? This is alllll making sense to me now.