Vegas Thoughts


When I think about our recent rendezvous to Vegas I almost puke, but then after I get past the watery saliva, I smile.  It was a perfect trip. Smooth as a babies behind.  Everything worked out to perfection from the cabana at Rain, to the rooms, to the champagne breakfast, it was fucking amazing.  I remember at one point at breakfast in between being hungover/drunk John (and we all know to stay away from him) I looked around that table and thought of all the different connections we have with each other, and all the diverse personalities we bring to the table and how a huge group of bad asses can all get together and not only get along but have the time of our lives!  Cheers to one of our most epic adventures, and heres to looking forward to the many we have in front of us.  And in the words of DIEGO and myself,  SHOW ME THE WAY TO THE NEXT ATM DONT ASK WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or maybe you prefer NEGRO-DAMUS

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  1. MANdrew
    Apr 06, 2006 @ 09:31:58

    It was an honor to have you. Flapjack.

  2. Adam
    Apr 03, 2006 @ 22:54:09

    Vegas was excellent from rain to checkout. It was good to see all of you again and an honor to take a seat at the table garnished by the cake of pan.