Ministers and Rabbi,

Here are the details of our trip so far: 

1)  We have two suites reserved for us at the MGM Grand, you know, where Tom Jones lives.  Each suite has two queens and a living room, so we should have enough space for everyone (remember to bring sleeping bags).  Accommodations will cost each monkey about $70.


2)  We have a cabana reserved at Rain (the night club at the Palms).  Right now, it is reserved for Friday night, but hopefully we can push the reservation to Saturday.  This will cost each monkey about $90.  I know the price may seem steep, but it is well worth it for not having to wait in a 4 hour line.  Plus, IFS will have a private cabana at the biggest club in Vegas – which has been a long time coming. (the cabana ‘fits’ about 15 monkeys, so we’ll have to plan accordingly).


3)  We have reservations for the Champagne Sunday Brunch/Buffet at Bally’s.  This is the best brunch in town.  The best.  This will cost each monkey $65.  Unlike 1) and 2) above, this aspect of the "THE RECKONING" is optional.  But keep in mind that a Champagne brunch will be the only true ending to this weekend – especially when we’re talking the best Brunch/Buffet in town.  And trust me, I’ve been going to buffets for a long time, and this one’s the biggest and baddest I’ve ever heard of.  It’s tough for me to admit this, but this brunch actually scares me it’s so good. 

For now, this is it.  We all have about a month to save up about $230 for 1), 2), and 3) above + whatever personal expenditures we may incur.  If you cannot do this, then fuck you.  And remember to thank the Minister of Media and Technology and the Minister of Athletics for volunteering their credit cards for room bookings.  Comment, post, or call me if you have any questions/concerns. 

Good night,


and Good Flapjack.

The Minister of Coordination and Rousing.

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  1. MANdrew
    Mar 13, 2006 @ 10:18:26

    OK sorry I’ve been out of the loop for the last week. I was away on a little work trip and a lot has happened since i last checked the website.
    First off I appreciate the efforts of all the monkeys who organized/paid for everything in advance. Although the price tag seems a little steep i can see the intentions of the group are good and i think everyone wants to make this a huge weekend. However, i’m going to need to cut a corner or two to make this work. A restoration ecologist’s salary doesn’t leave much room for 65$ brunches and $90 cabanas. Just fair warning. I gotta pay rent.
    And what exactly is the deal with those cabanas (I’m also in favor of SAT. night). Is there a 15 person max? Because if so I feel like if we could sign up 17 or 18 monkeys for the cabana, all pay a little less and i don’t think every monkey will be in the cabana at once. I can think of a few ministers with a taste for dancing and someone has to be out on the floor recruting heinnies to come check out our sweet VIP room, right? I dunno, i was just thinking of ways to cut costs.
    Anyhoooo, on to the subject of girlfriends. I will be leaving my ball and chain in San Diego for the weekend to fall into the general feeling of bromance. My only regret is to leave Danish high and dry on girlfriend island. Sorry Bro, we’ll make it work out. It’s fine.
    So in conclusion, i look forward to an mantastic weekend, flapjack style. And outside of the IFS meeting, the cabana, and the lodgings, i think we ought to freestyle the rest, money wise.

  2. MOD
    Mar 13, 2006 @ 09:10:13

    Saturday night is full. The only way our spot will be moved is if there is a cancellation, which will probably not happen. Everyone should plan on Friday night for zee uuzz uuzz club yah.

  3. miketowers
    Mar 12, 2006 @ 22:38:50

    MOD, what is the news on moving the cabana to Sat. night?

  4. schroediki
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 18:17:52

    why is everyone always pointing the finger at me? i agree, adam and hu for monkeys…ans thats it.

  5. laster
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 16:34:34

    well said bern doctor smith.

  6. can of worms
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 16:23:59

    yeah, dane. . . your situation is totally acceptable, and im pretty sure everyone is well aware that, and you bring up a good point about multiple extra ‘monk-lings’. as far as i know, monk is bringing his buddy adam, and we know hu is coming. LASTER! as far as i know, thats it. and i just talked to curtis and we should cap it there. we don’t want one or two people being kept out of the cabana because we brought too many people. this cabana shit is gonna be sweet.

  7. laster
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 16:15:55

    i actually didn’t talk to anybody about bringing gfs and just made my own assumptions from talking to shroeder. He only mentioned bro’s so I’m just going to point the finger at him. anyways, it would suck for ppl to not get into the cabana, so I hope this all work out w/o anyone getting the finger in the pooper.

  8. MOD
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 15:33:28

    I agree. We should cut some fat.

  9. minister of photography
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 15:03:40

    Ok guys what is the deal. I brought this up at the last meeting and was under the impression from C&R that it was perfectly fine to bring your girlfriend and figured that both Amanda and Julia would for sure be coming. Considering that we are doing this on the weekend of my B-Day, I do not think it is possible to cut mine out of the equation and also considering that her parents are flying us both out there as my B-day present.
    Secondly, I thought this was an IFS gathering not an event where anyone and their mom could come. I think it is going to be hard enough corraling the already large group we have, without adding extra complications of more guys (especially with the regulated # of people allowed in the cabana at Rain and the already compacted room situation.) Because if I’m dropping 90 to be in a room at a club, I’m sure as hell going to be in that room. Of course I am in full support of having a guest member (Hu) at the event, as long as the proper signitures are aquired, just as we did for Ben last month. But my own opinion is that this event would be more fun and run much more smoothly without the addition of extra non IFS monkeys.

  10. laster
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 09:23:54

    that larry saman needs to go on this trip.
    i didn’t know ppl were bringing their girlfriends?! what is that all about. Besides this being an IFS thing, which i am not part of yet, i thought this was pure bromance. wtf+gtfo @ that gf bs.
    i didn’t know you got the bungalow so that makes sense. hopefully the weather will be good enough where we can all just go to the pool and nap out there during the day.
    btw, with this many ppl, we should start watching “Taking Down Vegas” and work on our hustling skillz.
    finally i quote, “beware the ides of march” says the creepy lady in the eye patch.

  11. another one
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 03:20:31

    i told saman about the trip. . . will one of you crazy irvine kids see if he’s down to come??

  12. miketowers
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 21:41:10

    SB monkeys plus 2, with Finance’s guest and Dane’s girlfriend as far as I know. Saturday cabana party and a splash of heiny for me bartender.
    As far as the money situation, let’s start getting that together now to avoid further complications down the line. Hence we need a solid count on numbers. So everyone post and lets get a tally going. I can’t wait to see what kinda flapjacks Vegas can bring. And I mean bring it Vegas, bring it!

  13. Hank
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 21:32:27

    I like to chase tail. Count me in. Don’t worry about me in the rooms, I don’t mind sleeping on the floor. Although, a nice couch with a side of heiny would make my tail wag.

  14. can of worms
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 17:23:32

    this Train Wreck of a trip is going to be great. . . i can’t wait to turn into a Train Wreck when we got to the club the first night. and then we’re going to have 15 Train Wrecked monks in a cabana at Rain? wow, that too is going to be a Train Wreck. though im a little worried about the Train Wreck at sunday brunch. i don’t want somebody to be a Train Wreck and get into a multiple car pile up, reminiscent of a Train Wreck.

  15. C&R
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 16:47:02

    Uuugh. SB monks, how many guests do you think you’re gonna bring? And we should do the Sunday brunch, its fucking Vegas bras.

  16. schroediki
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 16:39:39

    wow dad, you got served…heiny, think about it.

  17. schroediki
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 16:37:11

    i agree with baggs. a sunday brunch is gonna be a little touchy for us SB monkees…considering some of us have to be back for la escuela, hey still studying hard, especially if one guy can’t drink on that morning cuz he will be driving, ya know? ah…i also agree with the fact that moving the club to saturday would be awesome since we are all getting in that day and people are gonna get their late…furthermore, i know body english, the club at hard rock has some prime heiny on friday nights…heiny, thats nice…we really need to figure out how many non society members are coming so that we have a concrete idea of room situation, cuz we all wanna crash in beds no matter if its only for a few hours and i woouldnt be opposed to reserving a third room…girlfriends? if you bring it, tell them to get ready for the wrath…other than that, i’ve been having wet dreams about vegas. cheers.

  18. STAYING single
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 16:34:00

    but thanks for the cabana. . . pussy

  19. monk
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 16:13:59

    Fine work everybody & thanks to bunch and towers for forking up the dough temporarily. I’m in favor of moving the rain reservation to saturday night. One thing to think about besides making sure everybody makes it on time; I have heard from several recent Vegas vacationers that Hard Rock’s friday nights are hini-fied. I know for certain that Adam plans on coming to Vegas. C&R, how many girlfriends are coming? Will there be any friends of girlfriends?

  20. monk
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 16:11:45

    Fine work everybody & thanks to bunch and towers for forking up the dough temporarily. I’m in favor of moving the rain reservation to saturday night. One thing to think about besides making sure everybody makes it on time; I have heard from several recent Vegas vacationers that Hard Rock’s friday nights are hini-fied. I know for certain that Adam plans on coming to Vegas. C&R, how many girlfriends are coming? Will there be any friends of girlfriends? Oouughh.

  21. C&R
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 14:55:03

    Yeah bunch, meeting on Saturday.

  22. CR
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 14:53:18

    Towers, not sure what you’re refering to, but 15 extras shouldn’t be happening. A few guests should be fine (Hu, one or two from the OC, and a few more from SB), but nothing like 15 – this is an IFS trip first and foremost. And the few guests that are coming along should have to pay for the room that they’ll be staying in – as far as the cabana goes, there’s not enough room as it is. Hu, I found these rates for queen bungalow suites through travelocity and calculated individual expenses under the pretense that we’d have 17-18 people staying with us total. So are you refering to suites are regular rooms or what? And I’m not sure about the ghost bar, ask booman about that.

  23. laster
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 12:22:56

    btw, do we get to go up to the ghost bar for free since we have a cabana at rain. and yes, i know this seems like a n00b question so f u.

  24. laster
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 12:15:59

    as far as MGM, assuming we’re 8/room, the price that I was given was about 54/person. I know it’s only 16 bux difference, but 16×8 = 128 x 2 = 256… know what i mean.
    the cabana is definitely VIPenis. I’m hesitant on Sunday brunch, it’ll come down to game time decision for me. God damnit, this trip is going to cost me a shit load, but well worth it. Bye bye to my march pay check…

  25. mike "Jew" towers
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 12:12:48

    Besides all the monkeys, who else is coming in our group and are they staying in our rooms or do they have their own rooms? Not to be a dick, but this came up the other night. Just for space and money’s sake, I don’t want to get bombarded with 15 extras and have to foot the bill if they are going to be partaking in the weekends events.

  26. M+T
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 11:32:02

    We will be having meeting on Sat. morning still right?

  27. C&R
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 11:10:13

    Shit, how could I forget the MOD’s efforts? He actually reserved the cabana AND the Sunday brunch. So, big ups to you MOD. And baggs, the only reason I was thinking Sat. for the club was for travel purposes. Hopefully, everyone will make it dere earlier in the evening on Friday. But in reality, that weekend being March madness and such, we’re definitely gonna have monkeys stuck in traffic. Either way, I’m sure it will be fine. And in regards to the whole Sunday brunch thing – don’t ruin it with reason.

  28. MOD
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 09:27:24

    Bernie, don’t be a pussy. Please, for your own sake, don’t be a pussy.

  29. MADD aka 'the voice of reason'
    Mar 08, 2006 @ 00:39:21

    1.) im totally cool with the mgm room situation.
    2.) Count me in for the cabana at RAIN. I was doing some homework on the special vip areas at this fireball filled vascinity and it sounded like it would definately be worth every penny. the club holds 1,800 people, and the cabana level has a capacity of 100. i’m down for lookin’ like a bad ass in vegas’s hottest of hot spots. (side note: why would we push it back to saturday? just curious.)
    3.) Champaigne brunch. . . don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing i enjoy more than a buffet with all you can eat lobster and all you can drink champaigne. however it is the whole SUNDAY thing that scares me. who knows who is going to end up driving home on sunday night. if its like any other past vegas trip, we all end up taking turns driving anyway since everyone is so exahusted to make it the whole trip by themselves. i would feel much better not scheduling an all you can drink-fest for the day we all drive home.
    bye bye.

  30. Minister of M+T
    Mar 07, 2006 @ 22:30:08

    The Minister of Defense also deserves credit for his work on reserving the cabana at Rain. Hazzah!