How to Post Video


As the Minister of Athletics has been posting video, this how-to should help out anyone else looking to post videos.

1. Go to YouTube, or another video serving site.

2. Find the video you want to showcase, for this time we will post this. Link.

3. Copy all the code in the text box next to ‘Embedded Player’ below the video.

4. Now write your post as you would normally.

5. When you are happy with the text and images in the post, decide where you want the video.

6. Now click on the ‘Edit HTML’ tab next to ‘Compose Post’.

7. This will show you the code of the post, find the location you want the video player.

8. Paste the code from the ‘Embedded Player’ box into your post.

9. Now click ‘Preview’ and wait for the page to load.

10. If done correctly, you will see your post and the video as it will look on the site.

11. You can either click ‘Re-Edit this Post’ to make changes, or click ‘Save this Post’.

12. You are now done, and your movie of a monkey dancing is ready to incite jealousy in the mind of the Minister of Monkey Business.

Oh and one more thing, don’t forget to put a subject on your posts or they will only be accesible from the Archives once they are off the homepage.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. monkeybusiness
    Mar 01, 2006 @ 19:53:51

    Wow dad, i think i am gonna try to learn that move. Yeah…fucking nerd boy.

  2. MOD
    Mar 01, 2006 @ 18:44:11

    You should be called Minister of Being a Nerd!! Ha Ha!! You’re fucking gay!!