08001c202020horseshit This bracket is bullshit, I’m in last place right now, there is a good chance this will be the end. I don’t care because I have been winning money gambling on the games. My next bet, is LSU at +3. they still aren’t getting any respect, and games have been close lately. so fuck this bracket bullshit, if Finance beats me-he is still gay.

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  1. M+T
    Mar 27, 2006 @ 12:38:53

    Don’t feel too bad, only 4 out of the 3 million people who submitted brackets to ESPN had these four teams in the Final Four.

  2. M of Bracketology
    Mar 27, 2006 @ 10:11:23

    Suck my mystery prize, D.

  3. Weak Defense
    Mar 27, 2006 @ 09:54:24

    So, it’s over, right? Everyone’s final four teams are knocked out. How can Fidel win something so hetero? Ri-god-damn-diculous.