Get the Look


Well, while most of you monkeys have been working I’ve been sitting on my ass enjoying the games…thanks alot NW State. In any case, thought I’d bring a little ray of sunshine on this gloomy St. Patrick’s Day. Michael Timothy Casanova doesn’t have his head shots just yet, but he’s on the fast track to the runway. You’re all growns’d up!


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  1. Rousing
    Mar 18, 2006 @ 15:47:57

    All he needs are the Dior’s and the transformation is complete.

  2. Scott "Upset" Baumann
    Mar 17, 2006 @ 16:04:57

    Duke or UConn wins every goddamn time. I’m pushing for the underdog… and the ‘stache. Upset is my middle name.

  3. ministerwiththefunnylastname
    Mar 17, 2006 @ 16:00:05

    MOD, youre forgetting one thing. You have Gonzaga winning it all. Nobody fears the ‘stache in this year’s tournament. And especially not the HOOSIERS

  4. Defense
    Mar 17, 2006 @ 15:04:04

    Wow dad… That made me smile almost as big as when I realized that I am alone in 1st place in the brackets. I am hotter than a pistol right now. Have I not been talking about Jermaine Wallace and his Demons for months? I hit both of my bets, too, thanks to hot tips from a certain minister with a funny last name. Now I’ve got HUGE MONEY ($45) on Kansas whomping the Bradley University Gayrods by at least 8. I need this.
    Just goes to show: the only good offense is a strong DEFENSE.